Manna Kadar Cosmetics

I use to have a Birchbox subscription that would send me cosmetics each month, I use to review the boxes as a whole on my blog but I’ve decided I wanted to save up the products and review them individually. Today I want to talk about the Manna Kadar lip locked stain in the color rosette.


A full-size lip locked stain is $24.00.


  • Primer, lip stain and gloss in one
  • Ensures lips stay hydrated and smooth
  • Long lasting pigment
  • Vitamin A & E & berry extract to nourish lips
  • Smooth application


In my Birchbox I was given the color Rosette which is a pinky color.

First Impressions:

First things first, I decided to smell the product, don’t ask me why, but that was literally the first thing I wanted to do when I received this product. Immediately after smelling the product I was a bit turned off because it didn’t have a good scent such as vanilla or sugar smell, instead it just smelled of chemicals almost, very bland and plain, nothing great. I started to apply the product and I was absolutely blown away by how smoothly the lip stain smeared on my lips, however, I wasn’t too sure the color looked good against my really tanned summer skin. After being blown away by how smooth the lip stain went on I was further blown away by how hydrated my lips felt with it on and how long lasting the product actually was which holds true to their claims.

Overall Thoughts:

I’m super pleased with this product because it stays true to what it claims which is that it’s a primer, lip stain and lipgloss in one, it’s long lasting, applies smoothly and hydrates your lips. I was honestly, so happy and blown away with the end results and would highly recommend this product to anyone who is in need of a new lip stain. I also want to add that normally I hate lipgloss, which this product does claim to be, because they’re usually so stick and gross but this one is like no other, it’s simply smooth and gives both the glossy look and the stain look of a lipstick. Love it!

Overall Rating:

5/5 – I was really happy with this product!



14 thoughts on “Manna Kadar Cosmetics

    1. It ended forever ago and I decided not to get renew it because honestly, I felt like they wouldn’t give me products that I would mention I would be interested in on my preference sheet. Sometimes I’d get dark colored eyeshadows after saying I like neutrals. I haven’t gotten another subscription but I have heard that Glossybox is great!

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