Quotes To Live By 027

Hellllooooo everyone! As always with this type of post I will share quotes and my opinion on them and of course, I open the comment section below for you to share your own opinion and quotes.

“Think positive be positive.”

Positivity is all in our mind, we must think it to believe it and be it. I agree with this 100% because when I feel as though I am in a crummy mood it’s more than likely because of negative thoughts flowing through my mind. I personally really want to start practicing this idea of thinking more positively so that I can be more positive and therefore live a happier and more positive life.

“Note to self: Relax.”

Oh goodness, I definitely have moments that I need this and trust me, I try over and over again to remember but of course sometimes I forget. It’s really important for all of us to remember to relax and take a breath sometimes. We all need to step back from life itself and realize that we need to just relax.

“Do what you love and do it often.”

Doing what you love is so important because it brings you joy and happiness and positivity so therefore you should just do it often, whatever it is so long as you aren’t hurting anyone. Keep doing what you love. Constantly do what you love.



21 thoughts on “Quotes To Live By 027

    1. I like the Abraham Lincoln quote… we are as happy as we make our minds up to be.
      Bea has a fantastic spark on most things or at least it comes across that way 🐼

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  1. I believe in these quotes completely and totally, especially the one where you should do what you love and do it often!!!! It fills my soul and spirit, and it gives me happy, positive vibes without a doubt!!! These happy, positive vibes then fall forward to the people around me!! I just thought about it right now, but the other thing I love to do is compliment someone every day! It’s amazing the smile that crosses their face!!! Then they can give their good feelings forward as well! I believe we need more harmony around us, and try to cultivate that harmony!! Hoping for lots of love and good vibes for everyone today and this week!!! 🙂

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    1. Awww, that was an amazing comment! I too like to compliment people but for some reason I’m always too shy to share it, I usually just say them in my head! I need to be more vocal. Lovely comment, thanks for dropping by!

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