Bird Kingdom

Welcome back everyone! I have been doing a bit of traveling lately and we all know how much I love to share my travels; one of the places I recently went to was Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada; my very first time in Canada! We stayed at the Travelodge Falls Views in Niagara Falls and they gave us a ton of coupons and deals for staying at their specific hotel, how cool?! One of the coupons we had was for the Bird Kingdom; which was conveniently right next to our hotel. The coupon allowed us to buy one ticket and get the other free so we were very happy to have a savings because who doesn’t like to save some money?!

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Right as you walk into the Bird Kingdom you immediately see two gorgeous birds upon a tree. Once you purchase your ticket you follow the white bird footprints on the ground and go through a tiny gate; which leads you to the magical kingdom itself. Inside the kingdom you have birds that literally sour right over you, turtles, iguanas and much more! At one point on the tour we were met with several parrots sitting upon a series of trees; there was on particular parrot that loved to talk and constantly say “Hi Star, bye Start, I’m Star” because her name was Star. I can honestly tell you that my boyfriend and I had a blast just talking to her and hearing her replies.

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The Kingdom itself is broken up with one walkthrough being filled with much smaller and tiny birds that literally fly over you and then one giant kingdom that replicas a jungle that has birds of all sizes soaring through the air ready to poo on your head, oh I mean, ready to have fun with you. You aren’t allowed to touch the birds, not that many of them get close enough to do so and you also aren’t allowed to feed these precious creatures. My boyfriend and I were amazed by the variety and beauty of so many birds and we were shocked by all of the different types of birds that there are. While in the big Kingdom there was a cage where we could feed lorikeets and have them actually fly up on us. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take our own photos in this cage but I did purchase the photo the lady took of my boyfriend and I.

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The second you walk into the lorikeet cage the worker hands you a little shot glass of food and almost immediately you get a flock of birds coming straight to you, gripping onto your arms ready to eat. I found it interesting how the birds were so welcoming and completely fine with coming upon a strange for food. I found it more interesting that these gorgeous creatures were so kind and sharing. The bird closest to the food would grab some and kindly pass it back to the bird next to him and they would keep doing this until the final bird, furthest away from the food ate. Amazing, so kind, so intelligent. For some strange reason the birds to seemed to be drawn to me, so much so I had 10 on me all at once and miraculously I didn’t drop them all on the floor. I had no food left and I was just standing there with 10 birds weighing down my arms and it was becoming quite the intense workout. Everything was going dandy and I was laughing, smiling, so happy…then I got pooped onmultiple times…I’m talking hot poo running down my arms…lots of it but it was worth it and definitely memorable. Eventually my boyfriend asked the employee, “How does she get these birds off her?” and the employee was shocked at the fact that they were staying on me despite the fact that I had no food left. The employee had to eventually just give them a slight push off of me.

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Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys nature and animals. If you do ever decide to visit the Bird Kingdom, I would say bring a camera and take a lot of photos of the gorgeous birds. I would also highly recommend going into the lorikeet cage because it’s so fun and such a different experience, even if you get pooped on like I did!



34 thoughts on “Bird Kingdom

    1. I’m not going to lie…in that moment I was a bit scared, hence why my shoulders are up to my ears! Haha, but after that I was totally loving it and had so much fun! Thanks for dropping by gorgeous! x

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    1. Thank you so much & Have you really?! I was blown away, I was so happy in there just watching them fly around enjoying themselves. My favorite part by far was having the birds come on me and eat, even if I got pooped on, it was a great experience.

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