Quotes To Live By 026

Hello everyone, how are you all today? I feel as though I haven’t done a Quote To Live By post in ages and the truth is I haven’t done one in over a month which is ridiculous of me because I know how many of you truly enjoy these posts. Since this is a big popular series on my blog I decided to start it back up today. As always, I will share some quotes and my opinion on the quotes. Please feel free to share your own personal opinion in the comment section below.

“Stay positive.”

I know this is a ridiculously simple quote and therefore there isn’t much I can elaborate on however it’s so simple, so short and yet so strong and powerful. In life it’s obvious we go through easy smooth sailing times but we also go through some rough waves and throughout these rough moments in life we should still try to remain positive. Staying positive is something I want to really practice and most surely is something I want to share with each of you.

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.”

I have never heard of this quote before but the moment I read it I couldn’t agree more. We are in control, we control our every movement, our every step and our every thought. It’s crazy to think that we let things get in the way of us, we let things bring us down if they aren’t going our way or we feel frustrated and angry if something is going wrong however we need to remember that we are in control. We control every aspect of how we react to things and therefore we need to remember that if we are having a rough day or bad thoughts or whatever it is that we have the capability to make things brighter and better. Don’t let anything control you, make sure you control your own destiny.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

T. Roosevelt isn’t wrong. I absolutely love this, we need more positivity and more belief in our own selves. I see so many of us, myself included, beat ourselves up and tell ourselves we cannot do something but the truth is we just have to believe we can. So long as you believe you can achieve something and work hard for it you’ll get it. Just believe, continue to believe and always believe.



15 thoughts on “Quotes To Live By 026

  1. quotes do not really work much if you are not in the correct mindset. What happens is then you read and it stays between your ears for the same time it took to complete reading and then they evaporate. Because truth be told if you are looking for motivational quotes you are really not gonna get anywhere. Those who are motivated are already on the field doing the work. 🙂 However, there is no harm in supplying motivational quotes in the hopes that someone does take it and go out there and do something about it.

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    1. Yes, I agree. Typically if a quote has truly stuck with me I haven’t gone out of my way to search for it, but instead have came across it in some sort of way. Although, at times for posts like these I do search some and I fall in love with them for I believe they may help someone out there and sometimes they do stick with myself. Everyone is different though. Have a wonderful day!

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