Get To Know: Jennifer

Hello everyone, how are you all doing?! Let me know in the comment section below. Today our wonderful and gorgeous Get To Know interviewee is Jennifer from The Blonde Healer.

The Basics:

Name: Jennifer
Nickname(s): Jan
Occupation: Nanny and studying nutrition
Nationality: Italian, Irish, German
Country Currently Living In: United States

Let’s Get a Little Personal:


Favorite workout clothing brand? Nike
Favorite healthy smoothie? Mango, papaya, and strawberries. It makes the most beautiful colored smoothie!
Favorite stretch? Child Pose
Favorite part of the body to workout? Legs
Favorite fit tip? Love your body and do good by it!
Favorite part of being healthy? Feeling absolutely amazing about yourself!

This or that:

HIIT workouts or yoga? Yoga!!
Cardio or strength training? Both
Morning workouts or late night workouts? Late night
Afternoon workouts or night workouts? Afternoon!!

Simple Questions:

When did you start blogging? I started in January 2017.
Why did you start blogging? Unfortunately I had narcissistic parents who weren’t the best role models, I truly suffered till I was 25. Now being 27, I want to show young girls they can have an amazing life full of love, friends, and high self-esteem after a life full of abuse.
What is your favorite motivational fitness quote? “Stop saying tomorrow”.
Do you take any protein or other workout supplements? Not at all.
What is a typical healthy breakfast for you? A 4oz. Smoothie, a piece of whole wheat toast, and avocado spread.

Let’s Get a Deeper Connection:

What advice would you give your younger self?
It will be okay.
What advice would you give the younger generation in general?
Just go out and do it. Love yourself. You come first.
When did you start getting into fitness and healthy living?
When I was 22, but with all the stress at home I put it away and became a stress binge eater, at 27 I can say I am healthy physically and mentally.
Why did you get into living healthier?
It helped me stop binge eating and start emotionally loving my self by pushing my own limits.
What motivates you to promote healthy living?
My anxiety and depression. I have seen a huge change in myself after training.
Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 10.13.58 AM.png
Jennifer, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to complete this interview and share with us your life story and fitness journey. I absolutely loved how honest and straightforward your answers were. I want to wish you the best moving forward and best of luck on your fitness and health journey.
As for everyone else, I would highly recommend you go on over to Jennifer’s blog and give her a massive follow, many likes and plenty of comments!

31 thoughts on “Get To Know: Jennifer

    1. I am doing pretty well myself. I think yoga really does help with anxiety, meditation too however I only practice meditation when I am feeling overly anxious but I hear that doing it on a regular basis is really beneficial.

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  1. Reading these Get to Know series always makes me want to try out new things, such as yoga! So really thank you for hosting this 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. HOME!!! I honestly prefer to do it at home much more than at a place only because I hate the sound of everyone else breathing and sighing heavy! Yoga With Adriene is what I follow on YouTube, love her videos!

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