Everglades National Park

Hello everyone, how are you? Let me know in the comment section below! Today I would absolutely love to continue to share some of my vacation adventures; most of you should know that I went to Miami, Florida and while I was there I did some exploring, both in and out of the Miami area. One of the places we visited outside of Miami was the Everglades in Florida. The Everglades is a national park that is roughly 1.5 million acres…yes, it’s HUGE! The Everglades is known to have many alligators, birds and fish. Obviously, the main attraction of going to the Everglades is to see some alligators and for that we go on an airboat tour.

My boyfriend and I decided to use Miami Tour Company to purchase our Everglades airboat tour because there was a bundle that would pick us up from our hotel, bring us to the Everglades with the tour included and also drive us back to our hotel. How amazing?! We purchased our tickets on Expedia for a bit of savings for a total of $53. The Miami Tour Company does have other options available that include both the airboat tour as well as another tour, however we didn’t do this.


The tour starts off with a classic touristy photo and then you get on the airboat with your captain. The captain starts off by welcoming you to the tour and explains what we will see as well as gives us a bit of background information on the Everglades itself. Overall the ride is very smooth but I will admit that once the speed of the airboat goes a bit higher, about 30 mph, it’s a bit scary. Or I’m a whimp. The captain stops for a short period of time out on the water to feed some birds which allows you to have a closer look at the gorgeous creatures and really appreciate the surrounding. Unfortunately, we did not see any alligators in the water; this was probably because a storm was coming and the alligators were hiding, however the ride itself was very enjoyable.


After the airboat tour we are taken to a 20 minute alligator show where a volunteer…yes, she volunteers to do this, teaches us a bit about alligators, their dangers and what to do if you ever encounter an alligator. The volunteer also shows us some cool tricks she can do with the alligator and tells us of course to never try this on our own!

Overall, I would highly recommend this trip to anyone either interested in nature, animals or looking for something fun and different to do.





59 thoughts on “Everglades National Park

    1. Definitely very fun and worth going even if you don’t see any alligators just being out there on the water and seeing where they live is pretty cool. You should come on over to America and give it a go! Thanks for the compliment and for coming by, have a great day gorgeous! x

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      1. Maybe I should do a post on that >< Long time since I had those kind of soup. Maybe I will get lucky and get a chunk of turtle meat with the jelly like skin still attached


    1. Olivia, one of your favorite animals?! I don’t think I’ve heard many people say that. It was still really fun just to be out there in the water. As for the heat…oh my goodness…I had to have been the sweatiest person in Florida! Thank you so much for dropping by gorgeous! x

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      1. Nooooo we sure didn’t, I’m not so sure they were in the area we were in. Although, with that being said, we did go paddle boarding in Miami and we saw signs in the water saying there could be some but we only saw Dolphins (still pretty cool)!


      2. 😀 Manatees are awesome. I know they have them around Florida, but I’m not overly sure where. I thought you could find them in the Everglades. Maybe they were all asleep XD

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      3. Haha, who knows! Our captain did say that the reason we weren’t seeing many alligators was because there was a storm coming and they’re a lot like dogs where they hide when scary weather is approaching.

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  1. That sounds amazing!!! I love nature tours and getting to see plants and animals up close, so I am definitely putting this on my want to do list! This tour looks absolutely beautiful! Was it humid at all?

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  2. Gorgeous shots! I love wildlife and the outdoors..and alligators too! But, I think they are more afraid of us then we are of them. It’s a terrible shame some of the cruelty I’ve seen but I’ll save that for another post. It’s been a long time since I visited the Everglades. It was an amazing experience..though I was in my teens and can’t recall much lol. I was lucky enough to live around Tampa for 3 yrs and now been in PA and missing FL ever since I came back! I’m so glad you got to go and check it out! Thank you for sharing your trip with us! We need to treasure our national parks and the creatures we share the world with. Great post! ❤️🐊

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    1. We definitely need to treasure our national parks! I’m so happy that there are places like this that exist and that we get to go to them and visit something so different than from where we live. I’m glad that you’ve been here too, even if you don’t remember much. Perhaps you need to take a trip back soon! Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a great comment! x

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  3. I remember doing something like this years ago when I was 16 and went to Florida with my grandfather. It was such fun, seeing different wild life and I guess we got lucky cuz I do remember seeing some alligators. Plus a show.

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  4. Thanks for liking our post on Thursdays in Philadelphia. I love your blog – so many interesting articles! The Everglades is a great place to explore. One of my favorite adventures is biking the trail in Shark Valley. No sharks, but loads of alligators (on the trail that you have to peddle past!) and birds. I’ve been several times and it’s always amazing (except the time when my 6 year old daughter almost peddled into the alligator filled canal – but that’s another story!).

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      1. I can laugh now, but it was scary at the time. I don’t think I’ve ever moved so quickly! But, Shark Valley is an amazing place. The alligators hang out on the path, so you actually have to peddle your bike around them (they have the right of way :). They also have a tram for folks who don’t want to get quite so close.

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