Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Hey, hey! As most of you will know, I went to Miami Beach on vacation and while I was there I did some exploring; one of the places I decided to explore was the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. Before I bombard you with nature shots, I should let you know a little bit about the garden. For example, the garden is actually free to enter, you just go on in and walk around on your own seeing the gorgeous plants. The garden is broken up into separate mini gardens such as flowering trees, palm trees, a Japanese garden, a koi fish pond, orchids, a native garden with tons of butterflies, water features and a fruit garden that has pineapples, papaya, pomegranates and much more!




46 thoughts on “Miami Beach Botanical Garden

    1. Do they really?! I had no idea that they had all that there. I was very impressed with the overall garden though and the staff we did encounter was very sweet, even offered to take photos of us. Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for dropping by!

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      1. I know! I’m actually kinda screwed as I was supposed to be flying back there from the Dominican Republic (where I am now) and then back to London but have been left stranded. Currently at the airport hoping to get another flight


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