Get To Know You

Hey, hey, hey, everyone! How are you all on this fine day?! I hope you’re all doing fabulous! Today’s post is a bit different than usual Get To Know posts isn’t it?! Well, if you’ve been around for awhile than you know that I started this series as a way to get to know my followers more and to spread other blogs around. Well, with that being said I want to extend my invite to many more of you. So, if this is something you’d be interested in doing, please email me at! THAT IS 3 E’S BY THE WAY!

When you email me please include:

  • Your name
  • A link to your blog

Have I already interviewed you?!

That is totally okay, I will be more than happy to interview you again if you are interested!

A note to everyone:

I don’t mean to sound snobby or that I am over the top popular but I do know that this series is one that many people take an interest in so please if you are emailing me, make sure to include your link so that I can come up with questions designed specifically for you and your blog. Furthermore, as I said, this does tend to be a popular post and therefore if a lot of people do email me it may take me some time to get back to you all as well as take me some time to actually type up and publish your post. Please be patient, I promise you that so long as I like the content on your blog and so long as I see that it is truly yours and not harmful or rude to others, I will get to you eventually.


Ahhhh, I hope people actually email me and are interested!




27 thoughts on “Get To Know You

  1. Bea! This sounds so cool, I love that you’re tailoring the questions to fit each blog 😀
    I’m totally keen to go and be an interviewee again 😂 I’ll send you an email! 😀


  2. Hi Bea! I emailed you before you posted this and I didn’t include my blog link. Would you like me to email you again or do you prefer not to have a duplicate request? My blog is at and I don’t mind emailing you again if you prefer to have it in the message!

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    1. I saw your email and don’t worry, I know exactly what your blog is, I just haven’t gotten around to answering you yet! I actually smiled when I saw you emailed me because I knew I had this blog post coming! I will get to you as soon as I can! x

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    1. Thank you so very much, I’m glad you enjoyed the idea of this series! I will let you know beforehand that I am a bit backed up with emails so it may take me awhile to get back to you, but I will!!

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