As Told By A Substitute 010

Can you believe that this series is already on post 10 because I surely can’t but I suppose that teaching is the type of job that is always something new and there are always stories to share.

Dancing or Seizure?

It’s no secret that music is very popular and a very common escape for many adults but also for children as well. Often times teachers will allow students to listen to music as they work on their assignment because it helps students focus and it also helps keep them quite. I was once subbing and this student was listening to music as he was working on his assignment, his music was loud, so very loud that I could even hear it. I kid you not when I say this song he was listening to consisted of only beats, gun shots and nonsense; as this student was working he stops, puts his pencil down and breaks down into full dance mode, I mean he was shaking…violently shaking to the beat that I thought there was something legit wrong with him…but no…just dancing…mid-class…mid-assignment.


I once had a student walk into class and go “are we doing anything important today?” I was dumbfounded…how could a student think that anything done in class isn’t of importance?!

Liar, Liar

As you know if you’ve been up to date with these stories, I was doing a long term position where I was teaching English for a month. I was told, by the teacher, that we were to read in class, take quizzes or do questions related to the book. I would quiz students on the chapters about 3 times a week, just as she told me to do so. After quizzes we would read in class so that students didn’t have so much to read for homework. Surely enough, several students had enough of the constant reading, quizzes and questions so they began to complain. Students would tell me that the teacher never ran the class like this, that they never took quizzes, never read in class. I shrugged and replied well this is what we are doing. The day the teacher came back I was asked to shadow her to get her back into the swing of things…surely enough she started class by saying they’d have a quiz the following day and that today they’d be reading the next chapter. Hmmm, interesting, I thought their teacher didn’t do that?


Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!



13 thoughts on “As Told By A Substitute 010

  1. On the subject of seizures I’ve heard of a prank where kids pretend to have a seizure in class to get a reaction from the teacher. I’ve never had it happen to me but I’m always worried it will!

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    1. WHAT?!?! That is ridiculous, I can’t believe they’ve done that! I’ve never had that happen but I’ve had a group of kids yell “Andy” and then they all fall to the floor pretending they’re toys from Toy Story….

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  2. So funny that the students tried to convince you the teacher didn’t do what you were doing! I, on the other hand, would get annoyed if the sub didn’t continue what the teacher was doing because I wanted to learn! (I was usually the only one with this mindset sadly enough.)

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    1. I’m so with you on being one of the few that actually wanted to learn! I was honestly only following what the teacher had told me to do so it was so funny that the students insisted they normally didn’t do this! Oh well, kids will be kids!

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  3. Kids will always fib when the substitute is around. It’s just a part of the game. If they don’t all switch seats and pretend to be each other, it’s a good day! It’s silly from our side of view now but we were once the kids and those jokes made our days and many memories for ourselves

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