The Self Esteem Tag

The amazing Jordyn from The Obsession Begins has created her very own creative tag! Go ahead and check out her amazing blog!

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Answer the 10 questions
  • Nominate and tag however many people you’d like

The Questions:

1. What is one facial or physical feature you like most about yourself?

I can honestly say that I love my smile so much; I will admit, I’ve gone through many problems with my teeth so the fact that I am in love with the end result is absolutely amazing.

2. What values are most important to you? I

The values that are most important to me are just being an overall good person, be positive, spread positivity, attempt to bring others up and try your best to promote people that are striving and trying hard to achieve their dreams.

3. What is one personality trait you like most about yourself?

I like my sarcasm although I’ve been told my several people that it’s a huge turn off but I’ve also been told that I’m so quick with remarks and so funny too so I’ll take the good and leave the bad.

4. What is your definition of beautiful? I think it all matters on what’s inside. A beautiful person is someone who is kind, respectful, and generous.

5. What is the last thing you did that made you smile or laugh?

I was in a rush and I stepped out of my car and started a slight jog, I wasn’t looking where I was going and I stepped in a pot hole which made me lose my balance and nearly fall; luckily I caught myself, laughed at myself and kept it moving.

6. When do you feel the most attractive?

Oh my goodness, this is so difficult. I don’t normally feel necessarily attractive. I feel as though I don’t pay much attention to myself or give myself nearly as much credit as I should however, if I were to pick a time or an occasion I would say when I’m dressing up with my hair done and my makeup done too.

7. What are you passionate about?

Success. I’m really determined to be successful, I have these visions, these dreams of owning the home I’ve always wanted and I am more than willing to work hard to achieve it. I know it’s materialistic perhaps to want the home that I want but I love interior design, I love homes, I love architecture and therefore I want to be successful enough to get what I’m dreaming of. I’m also very passionate about blogging, if that isn’t already obvious, as well as teaching, exploring and traveling.

8. Who is the most supportive figure in your life?

My mom by far; she is so incredible and has seen me at my worst and still somehow manages to love me. She pushes me, she believes in me and she’s always been so supportive when it came to attending school meetings or conferences. She’s incredible, she’s hardworking, she’s creative, she’s strong, she’s funny she’s absolutely the total package and so incredibly amazing.

9. What are you most proud of about yourself?

I’m proud of how mature I am. I’ve been cleaning the house since I was 11, that was my chore, I got paid $20 every Saturday to clean the house; as I got older the pay slightly increased. I’ve been paying and buying my own things since I was 11. At the age of 17 I got my license and since then I’ve done the all the food shopping for my mom and have done her errands too. I cook dinner each night unless someone gets home before me and does it which is very rare or unless I’m going out. I also do the laundry. I take full responsibility of my dog and actually purchased a dog at the age of 19 all on my own. I pay for my own gas, I work as much as I can so that I can afford all the things I want to do. I’m simply just proud of how mature I am, how responsible I am.

10. Do you feel good about yourself today? 

I can’t say I always do but today I actually do.

My Nominees:

EVERYONE! I really loved this, I felt like it was so great to reflect on things and on myself. I really hope that everyone gives this tag a go because it’s amazing. Make sure to tag me in it so that I get notified and can go check it out!



29 thoughts on “The Self Esteem Tag

  1. This is such a great tag! I love how it promotes positivity. It is so awesome that you have goals set for yourself! I know you will achieve all of them! I’ve been told my sarcasm is a turn off too. Oh well can’t stop won’t stop😂

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  2. This is great! And fun. I tagged you and completed it myself. I like that it encourages us to think about ourselves in a positive light. And it allows readers to see a totally different side to us. Thanks!


  3. Bea, the only people who find sarcasm a turn off are those who don’t get it! Oscar Wilde said that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but the highest form of intelligence. You keep it up lovely. I certainly intend to xx


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