Things To Do This Summer

Summer is here!!! Are you all as excited as I am?! Yes? No? Maybe so? I absolutely love summer; I love the hot air, the sunshine and most of all the tan! Today I want to share some things that we can all do this summer.

Travel, Travel, Travel

Whether it’s a quick trip traveling to towns and cities near you that you’ve never been to or traveling to far away places that require you to do a bit of planning, try to get out there and travel and experience new things.



Summer is a great time to explore and hiking is quite the adventure so give it a go and find local hikes near you.


Okay so this is one I’ve never done but I really want to especially after always seeing how lovely and amazing all of Zoe Sugg’s picnics are. Try making yourself a picnic either in your own yard or in a local park; bring some blankets, tons of food and drinks and then invite friends! Oh, don’t forget some games too and definitely take lots of cute photos!


Although I am mentioning a water park in this post, I should also mention that I probably won’t do this only because I do not like rides however I’m sure if you’re into that sort of thing it is such a blast.

Beach Trips

I don’t live far from a beach so why on earth I don’t spend more time there is mind blowing! I would definitely suggest that all of you plan some beach trips and make it different every time by going to a new location each time, bringing food, having a volleyball competition and bringing tons of games. Oh by the way, don’t forget the sun screen!


Zip Lining

For all you thrill seekers out there this one is for sure for you! Look up zip lining in you area and go to it with a bunch of friends. Don’t have any cool zip lining places near you? Find the closest one to you and make it an overnight trip somewhere.


Most definitely a summer night time favorite of mine is the bonfires. I love sitting around the fire talking with friends and of course, making some delicious smores.

Pool Party

Have a pool? Invite friends over to hang out and make a full day of it by hosting competitions and fun games. Don’t have a pool? A local community pool will do just fine because so long as you’re together with friends that’s really all that matters.


Movie Night

Movie nights are a year round thing but why not spice it up by maybe having an outdoor movie night?!

Game Night

I have mentioned games a lot in this post haven’t I but isn’t it great to just have everyone around a table trying to compete with each other and filling the room with laughter?

Zoo Trips

Interested in animals or never been to the zoo? The summer is the perfect time to do things like this because it’s a quick and fun day trip.



Visiting a museum on a rainy summer day is an excellent thing to do because this way you still get out of the house and you still enjoy the summer even when it pours.



It’s clear to me and hopefully it’s clear to you that the possibilities for this summer are endless! I hope you all get out there, enjoy the sun and enjoy the company of your friends and family.


Have any other summer fun ideas? Let me know in the comment section below!




52 thoughts on “Things To Do This Summer

  1. Definitely gonna be doing some of these this summer! I’m planning on doing quite a bit of travelling to nearby towns/cities that I’ve never visited before which is exciting!

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  2. Summer is my absolute favourite. Even though my hair is usually a frizzy disaster, I will take that over the freezing cold any day. I’m going on a picnic for the first time ever next weekend!!! So excited!

    Liked by 1 person

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