Get To Know: Backyard Bears

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Get To Know post. If you are familiar with this series than you know that I have created this series in order to get to know my followers better as well as to spread other blogs to other people. Today we have Benjamin Bear from America who is an accountant and has some amazing life advice and a great idea for an awesome superpower.

The Basics:

Name: Benjamin Baer
Nickname(s): Ben
Occupation: Accountant
Nationality: American
Country Currently Living In: USA

Let’s Get a Little Personal:

Favorite place or places you’ve traveled to?
Alaska. We took a cruise there for our honeymoon, and had an amazing time. I would do the exact same trip over again, which is not usually the case with me. I would consider moving there…but my wife would never be down for that.
Favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon?
Sunday afternoon/evening is my unwind time. I try not to do any work or house projects, and maybe watch a little TV or do some reading, and drink a cup of coffee.
Favorite quote?
My favorite quote is an exert from John Acuff’s book Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work That Matters
“What do you do when all the excuses you used to not chase your dream are gone? What do you do then?”
There was sadness in her words. A sense of fear and resignation that seemed to suck all the joy out of a boisterous weekend trip with a sister. Sadder still, I didn’t have an answer for her. I didn’t know the answer, but I knew there was one.
There had to be, because I didn’t want you or me to get to 80 or 90 years old and realize we mortgaged the best years of our lives doing something we weren’t called to do. I didn’t want to look back on life and wonder where it all went.”
Favorite TV show?
My favorite show right now is The Walking Dead, but my all-time favorite show will forever be Seinfeld.
Favorite film?
Scent of a Woman
Favorite season?
Without question, my favorite season is fall. I love the changing leaves, the cooling temps and, of course, fall brings football season.
Simple Questions:
How would you describe yourself?
I always say, “I do what I want when I want how I want!” I know I probably come off as a pretty selfish person (which I’m sure I am to some degree), but that’s not how I mean it. I mean it in a way that, I’m not worried about anyone else or want anyone thinks, I’m here to do what makes me happy and I’ve only got one life to do it – so I’m gonna live it to my liking, and not someone else’s….other than my family (of course).
What season can you just not get enough of?
I can’t pick one. Since we have moved to Virginia (where we get a very pleasant taste of all four seasons), I have learned that every season has its perks, but at the end of every season, you are ready for the next. At the end of every summer, I am excited for fall. At the end of every fall, I am looking forward to winter, and so on. So, while fall is my favorite season, I know as one season ends, I am always excited for the next and the changes it brings.
What are your hobbies?
Gardening, DIY house projects, keeping chickens and LEGOs! I love LEGOs and have spent waaaay too much money building my LEGO collection.
What inspired you to start blogging?
I guess I felt like I had a message to share, and maybe someone out there might find it interesting. I also felt like it was the best way to keep friends and family from afar up to date on the things going on with us.
How long ago did you begin blogging?
I started the Grit blog about 4 years ago, and then started my own, separate blog, about 2 years ago.
In your opinion, what is the best blog post you’ve written?
My best blog post would be the one I consider to be my favorite post. It is from a few months ago when I talked about Bodie, California A buddy and I took a 10 day road trip last summer from Austin, TX to Yosemite National Park. And while visiting YNP, we took a day to tour Bodie, which is a ghost town in the middle of nowhere. It was a fascinating trip, and an adventure I didn’t expect.

Let’s Get a Deeper Connection:

What advice would you give your younger self?
Listen to your parents. They know a lot more than you give them credit for. I remember growing up always thinking, my parents didn’t understand, the advice they were giving didn’t apply to me, and that they just didn’t get it. In retrospect, I have come to realize my parents were right about almost everything they told me. And I should have listened to them a lot more than I did.
What advice would you give the younger generation in general?
Life is a roller coaster – sometimes you’re down and sometimes you’re up – don’t get overly upset or overly excited about either.
What are your goals?
I have always lived in the short-term, so I’ve never really been someone to set a bunch of long-term goals. I think goals are important, and it’s good to have them, but you never know what is going to happen that is going to change your priorities, and thus, potentially, change your goals. So, right now, I have two goals in mind – 1. We are pregnant with our second child. So my top priority right now is getting everything ready for the arrival of #2, and making sure our family is doing well and staying healthy. 2. The house we just bought is kinda a fixer-upper, so another priority is getting that up to our standard of living….and I could go on and on about that.
If you had a superpower, how would you use it to positively impact the world?
I would want the power to instill in people the self-confidence or faith, whatever they need, to become more self-reliant. I would want to create a world where people can feel more capable to achieve what is important to them. I think we live in a world where a lot of people, for whatever reason (there are several), feel they can’t and never will be able to achieve their desired standard of living. I would want the ability to take people from ‘working to get by’ to ‘working to live.’
How would you describe the perfect world?
The perfect world would be one where everyone is exactly like me! Kidding, no, the perfect world? I don’t even know where to begin, or what that even looks like. I do know what I would consider to be a perfect world, probably no one else would. We all have our own definition of everything, I’m not sure if anyone would share my definition of perfect. But, I would piggy-back of the answer to the previous question, it would be a world where people are working towards a desire to achieve their standard of living. That doesn’t mean everyone is rich or has a pool in their backyard, but it means people are living the life they want to live. That is what I try to keep in mind, to love your life and where you live….you only get to do it on
Ben, I loved those answers, especially the deeper connection ones where I feel like we got a lot more personal. I want to thank you tremendously for taking the time out of your day to fill out my interview and I also want to say….CONGRATULATIONS ON THE PREGNANCY!  I too hope that everything goes smoothly and that everyone in your family is happy and healthy! Congratulations once again. I absolutely loved your superpower, I really did, it gave me chills and made me smile that you’d love to do that for others.
A message to everyone: uhmmm, how great was that interview?! Go on over to Ben’s blog and give him a massive follow now, now, now!!!

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