As Told By A Substitute 009

Helllooooooooo everyone, I’m here again today to share my awesome, wonderful and glorious substitute stories! As you can tell by the number on this blog title, I’ve written quite a few of these so if you want to go check out the rest for a good laugh feel free to do so.


So, if you’ve been reading all of my blog posts than you know that I recently spent a month teaching English. For the record, I am not English certified but they were in desperate need of a substitute that would teach and discipline the students. The teacher asked me to read with the students, have them read for homework, have them take quizzes on the book and also have them answer chapter questions. Simple enough right? Each day I started the class with a Do Now followed by either reading, a quiz or chapter questions. One day, one girl had enough of all the work I was giving, claiming it was far too much work and we were doing far more than the real teacher would ever give. Her exact words were “She needs to go-she’s too much.” After a month of being out, the teacher finally came back and I was there to shadow her, help her get back into the swing of things. The second the girl walked into the room she rolled her eyes at me and said “ughhhh” until she noticed the teacher was there too and said “thank god she’s back!” Guess you can’t be liked by everyone. 

Quiz Questions:

As I’ve mentioned, I was teaching English for a month and therefore was giving students quizzes. I didn’t want to see these students fail, I wanted to see them succeed and do good. Each quiz I would do I would make sure it was part of what we read in class the previous day. I would specifically pick questions that we read and went over, leaving only 2-3 questions that they had to read for homework. Safe to say, even though I tried to make it as easy as possible for students I still had students complain that my quizzes were too difficult or that they didn’t remember things. Some students went as far to say “Ms. F, this is completely unrelated to the quiz but…” and then they would proceed to ask me a question that is on the quiz. I would reply to the students that they aren’t slick and I know the questions that are on the quiz.

Grading Issues:

My, oh my, the grading issues; I had several students complain about the grades they received. One time one student came up to me and said “Ms. F, why did I get a 1/5” to which I had to take a deep breath and reply “Well…there were 5 questions, you answered 1 of 5 so therefore you got a 1/5.” Patience is a virtue, right?




23 thoughts on “As Told By A Substitute 009

    1. So much rudeness & bad behavior some days, it’s insane because I just wonder where the respect is. As for my name, often times they cannot even bare to pronounce Freitas so I am mostly known as Ms. F!

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      1. Is a very difficult name to pronounce in English. I have family in the US and their last name is da Cunha. They had to change it to DaCunha (there’s no da or dos there) and people still say Duh-coo-nuh

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  1. Oh geez! The grading issues made me laugh though. And Quiz Questions made me remember my school days when the teachers would make each student come up with a quiz that another student had to take. I would actually try to make it as hard as possible… I was terrible!

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    1. Grading wise I had many issues and complaints but it is what is is I suppose! Haha so funny that you’d make the quizzes difficult, that’s great! Thanks for dropping by and sharing Pamela! x

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  2. I have been a long term sub for a couple teachers and it is also really awkward when the original instructor returns and the students are unhappy that the sub was leaving! I felt so bad for him! So, it does and will go both ways for you too!

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    1. YES!! Some students were very sad to see me go and they didn’t hold that back when the teacher was there but of course there were a couple happy to see me gone! Thanks for sharing your experience, have a lovely day! x

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  3. Oh my goodness, students can be pretty silly sometimes. I’ve never been a teacher but I work as a tutor and there is always one student that complains about not being given a good grade. I also remember in high school there would be problems with students PARENTS calling teachers to complain about their child’s grades. Like you said, I guess you can’t please everybody!

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    1. Students are so quick to complain about grades and they always say “YOU GAVE ME” and it’s like no no you did that to yourself, if you put in full effort and give it a go you’d get a better grade than if you do things last minute and without any passion or if you don’t try anything at all you can’t expect a great grade! Thanks so much Shelby for coming by and giving this a read!

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  4. I love this! They are sometimes so incredulous when they get a grade back even when it is as simple as 3/10, ‘But Miss, why did I only get 3?’. Perhaps because you got 7 wrong? I mean, just a thought. I don’t envy you doing sub work, the kids can be so disrespectful to substitute teachers even though you are doing them a favour!

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    1. Yes!!! They always do that, always have to complain about their grade but what they don’t realize is if they took the time to actually do it instead of doing it right before class they could do so much better! I don’t blame you for not envying me because being substitute isn’t always so great, you’re right, they can be quite disrespectful!


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