Travel Essentials

Hello everyone, how are you all doing today?! Do let me know how everything is going in the comment section below.

So, I have some news, I’m going to Miami soon, like very soon! Of course while in Miami I plan to take many many photos to share with you all so stay tuned for that. However, before I jump ahead to sharing all of my photos and adventures that I clearly have not taken yet, perhaps I should focus on something else and that is…travel essentials! I will be sharing with you today my vacation staples.


To me, this is a no brainer, I definitely need my camera to take all of the photos that I am so eager to take! I plan on taking both my smaller and bigger lens. I plan to photograph every single day and every adventure as well. Perhaps, I’ll even share a few outfits. To be honest, I’ve been very eager to share my fashion style but I just don’t feel all that comfortable in front of a camera. 


I plan on taking a lot of photos and therefore having my laptop will be handy so that every night I can add my photos onto my laptop. Having my laptop will also be handy in answering all your comments while I am away.


How else will I possibly navigate around?! Plus, I definitely need to be sharing my adventures on my Instagram.

Sunblock/Tanning Spray:

Okay, so now that electronics are over I must focus on VERY important items. Of course, you cannot possibly go away on vacation without some sunblock! I will be using SPF 30 and I will also be using a tanning oil.


When it comes to summertime and sunburns, aloe vera is a lifesaver! I plan on taking some aloe, mainly for my boyfriend who I feel like will burn quickly but also for me because who knows, perhaps I’ll burn too!


Cannot board a plane without this bad boy, well I suppose you technically can, however it’s definitely useful to have it.

The Necessities:

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion:

I know all of these are provided by the hotel but I really like bringing my own products that my skin and hair are use to.


This one is kind of a no brainer but you definitely need clothes when you are traveling. If you are anything like I am you will overpack and have many more outfits than you need but it’s better to be safe and have lots of clothes than to not have enough clothes.

Hand Sanitizer:

Okay, so perhaps this may not be a travel essential for everyone but it definitely is for me. I carry hand sanitizer everywhere I go so traveling away means I will continue to carry it around with me.


What are your travel essentials?! Please let me know in the comment section below. Also in the comment section let me know of any places you are visiting this summer or any places you wish you could visit. 



169 thoughts on “Travel Essentials

  1. I am so with you on the hand sanitizer, if only for the plane! I bring the wipes in my purse or carry on to wipe down all the surfaces at my seat as soon as I sit down. I probably look like a kook, but I picked up the habit when I was visiting a sick relative and didn’t want to spread and germs and I’ve stuck with it since.

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  2. I can’t leave home without making sure I have my Bible and another good book on my phone, some healthy snacks, and a homeopathic kit in case one of us gets sick or injured. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

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    1. I’ve actually posted this in June and I already went to Miami and the Everglades was one of the places I went to! I actually wrote a post about it. I agree with you, definitely don’t need pants in 90 degree whether, that sounds AWFUL!


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