Swimsuit Haul

For me, summer just isn’t summer unless I buy a new and unnecessary bathing suit. Today I want to share with you what I picked up while on my bathing suit hunt!



From H&M I purchased this blue jean like bathing suit with some fancy tassels on it. The bathing suit top is a bandeau style meaning it only wraps around the chest and has no strings. The bandeau styled top zips up in the front and has the same style tassels that appear on the bottoms. The top was $19.99 and the bottoms were $14.99.


Also from H&M I purchased a gray triangle bathing suit; although this is a very simplistic bathing suit, I was really drawn to it. As you can see, the triangle bathing suit top has a detailed element to it on the lower part of the triangle. The top is $17.99 and the bottoms are $12.99.

Forever 21


One piece bathing suits are making a massive comeback and Forever 21 is all over it! I purchased this bathing suit mainly because my boyfriend encouraged me to, he said it looked great on me and I would be keeping up with the times. The bathing suit has a halter neck tie, a detailed opening in the center of the chest and the back is open to about halfway down the back. This bathing suit goes for $27.90.



There is nothing wrong with being on a budget! While at Walmart one day I was passing through the bathing suit aisle and noticed this fun summer print and basically couldn’t resist. I’m not sure how much I paid for it exactly because I purchased this a couple of months ago, before it was even hot enough for bathing suits, and I threw out the receipt, oops. However, looking at other prices online, I imagine I couldn’t have paid more than $30 for the set.

Where do you like to buy your bathing suits from?! Let me know in the comment section below.




77 thoughts on “Swimsuit Haul

  1. Hey Beaaaa !! I’m back, sorry I haven’t commented in so long. The start of tenth grade has been a bit hectic🙈especially compared to vacation :). Anywayyyy, I LOOOOVEEE this post, all those swimsuits were da bomb🔥

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  2. Lovely post! I usually get mine from forever 21, or Urban planet but the other day I was passing by the bikini aisle in Walmart as well and bought two super cute bikini tops for literally $10. Although I’ve bought bikinis from VS before, there is nothing wrong with being on a budget.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing! I totally agree, I love Forever 21 bathing suits as well as Victoria Secret bathing suits but as you said, nothing wrong with being on a budget! There are a lot of places with really good bathing suits! Thanks for dropping by and sharing where you like to get your stuff from! x

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    1. Target is a great place for them too! I like that you do the bright tops with a more subtle bottom, this way it looks like you have many more bathing suits too 🙂


    1. H&M really does have some great styles and colors! I don’t think I’ve ever owned a bathing suit from H&M except from the two I bought this year so I’m excited to see if they stay as good as they look at the beginning! Thanks for dropping by!


  3. Love Bathing Suits. Have to purchase AT LEAST 3 each summer!! We are having a heat wave here right now in California and thank god for my new Bikinis. (Super into the one piece trend this season though.)

    P.S. Me writing that just gave me some inspo for a blog post. My Favorite Onesie Suits!! Thanks!!


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    1. Yay! I’m so happy to see others so obsessed with swimwear as I am and I’m also glad you now have some blogging inspo! Thanks so much for coming by and dropping a comment!


  4. I never was a fan of one piece swimsuits, but now I’m obsessed. I was on a hunt for one. I love the one from Forever21. I need to check their website, it’s my favorite store!

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  5. I love the grey suit it’s absolutely adorable! I totally understand the haul thing- summer can’t start without some new suits!

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