Get To Know: Manmeet Singh

Recently I post a blog post titled “Calling All People” where I asked people to email me if they were interested in taking part in my Get To Know Series; Manmeet, was one of the people that reached out to me. Manmeet, thank you so so much for reaching out to me and for taking an interest in being part of my Get To Know series. Haven’t heard of Manmeet? Well let me tell you one thing, he has traveled! He’s traveled a lot. On his blog, Manmeet shares his travels, his lessons and his adventures as well.

The Basics:

Name: Manmeet
Nickname(s): Mr FOMOist/Meet
Occupation: Corporate Monkey (Marketing Manager)
Nationality: New Zealander (fondly known as Kiwi)
Country Currently Living In: London (and loving every second of it!)

Let’s Get a Little Personal:


Favorite place you’ve traveled to?
So far, Machu Pichu
Favorite time of year to travel?
All the time! There’s something nice to experience all year round. However, not a huge fan of rain, especially diagonal London rain.
Favorite season?
Love spring, love the colours
Favorite weather?
Summer, but up to 28 degrees celsius only (I’m not picky at all)
Favorite blog post you’ve written?
I like them all equally (like my children if I had any). But if I had to choose one, it would be Repatriating in a Foreign Land.

This or that:

Travel very far to busy places or explore small towns near by? 
Small towns nearby
Travel by airplane or by train?
Definitely Train
Travel to beach areas or to the woods?
I can’t swim, but love the beach!
Travel to big cities or small villages?
I like big cities and I cannot lie!

Simple Questions:

Why did you start to blog?
To keep track of where I’ve been, create a memoir to share with my great grand-children and to brag to friends and family.
What is your favorite part about blogging?
It fascinates me how much and what I remember.
What are your hobbies?
Traveling, eating and reading (in that order)
What places have you visited?
Heaps! So I’ve lived in India, New Zealand, Australia and now the UK. My wife and I visited 25 countries in the last 24 months.
What other countries would you like to visit?
Jordan, I would love to go see Petra. Would love to explore places like Beirut, Jerusalem, etc.
Are you planning on traveling this summer? If so, to where?
Yes, going to Fes (Morocco) and stay in Chefchaouen for my wife’s 30th (who has a twin joining us from Australia and we are all going together).

Let’s Get A Deeper Connection:

In your opinion, what is the best thing about traveling?
The exposure to different cultures and the appreciation for other (and your own) lives. I love the culture shock for the lack of better words.
What is one thing you are truly passionate about?
I am passionate bout connections. Meaningful connection, through food, music, movies, literature.
What advice would you give your younger self?
Don’t fret over things you can’t control and make the most of opportunities you are given.
What advice would you give the younger generation in general?
Don’t check your phone to check what the weather is doing, just go out and get amongst it!
How would you describe the perfect world?
My perfect world will be where the differences are celebrated. Everyone makes an effort to at least get to know each other. They don’t have to like each other, but just understand and appreciate each other. Much like what everyone does when they are traveling.
Woahhhh, what amazing answers from Manmeet!! I absolutely love the fact that he has traveled so much and experienced so many cultures. I would love to visit half as many places as Manmeet has traveled to. What about that advice to kids? Not to check their phones for the weather but just go out there and go with the weather. I really do like that, I may take that upon myself.
Manmeet, thank you so so much for sharing your answers and your experiences. I hope that everyone is convinced that they need to go and follow this travel junkie!

20 thoughts on “Get To Know: Manmeet Singh

  1. Fantastic advice. “Don’t check your phone to check what the weather is doing, just go out and get amongst it!” Has all the potential of being a quotable quote. It was a lovely introduction, Bea. Made me go look up Manmeet’s blog and follow him.

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  2. I love these Get to Know series! I find it so fascinating to read about other people and to find out little bits about their life and experiences! Lovely post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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