As Told By A Substitute 008

You all love to laugh at my interesting substitute experiences so I figured I’d share some more with you.

Money Team:

One time I was the substitute for a Consumer Family Science class, essentially this class focuses on living and life in general. The class is geared towards teaching students how to cook, wash clothes, handle relationships and feelings, basically it’s an overall class on how to live out of high school. Well, this day the teacher left me an assignment where kids had to answer questions on how they handle situations when they are feeling certain emotions, simple enough right? Well, some answers were far too funny so much so that I had to take a photo.


Well, that is one way to handle success…

Drake Status:

The same day that I had the “Money Team” response, I also got another very funny and silly response about how one handles feeling lonely.IMG_7085.jpg

The sad part is both of these kids were serious with their answers and they handed this in for a grade.

Movie Star Resemblance:

Ever since I started subbing, three years ago, I’ve CONSTANTLY been asked if I know that I look like Mia from Fast & Furious. I mean, I’m told this about 5-10 times a day! In fact, one time when I was subbing in the elementary school I had a first grader come up to me and go “Are you the girl from that movie Fast & Furious?” I told him I wasn’t and he ran to his friends and said “She is just lying! She really is her, she’s the girl from the movie!” Haha, for the record, I don’t think I look like her but apparently many people do!


Well, that’s it for today, I hope you laughed as much as I did when I saw those two students responses…still can’t believe that they handed that in for a grade. I do however wonder how the teacher graded them on that assignment.



22 thoughts on “As Told By A Substitute 008

      1. When I was a teaching assistant last year I was with younger kids so mistakes from them were more understandable. But yours are High School kids so it’s hilarious!

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