First and foremost, let me tell you right now that I cannot believe that I am writing this but…I’VE REACHED 4,000 FOLLOWERS!!!!!! I honestly cannot believe this, it’s so unexpected and so amazing and so astonishing all at the same time! As always, I want to thank ALL of you that have decided to follow me or that have commented on my blog or liked any of my posts, trust me, I greatly appreciate all of your support and all of your effort does not go unnoticed. Ahhhhhh, so exciting, somebody pinch me because this cannot be real!

Typically when I hit a milestone, such every 1,000 followers, I just like to thank everyone and share my happiness but this time around I would love to do something a bit different. Since now I have 4,000 of you gorgeous, amazing, awesome people I would love to know if you have any questions for me, perhaps? Maybe you do? Well I would love to do a Q&A so please make sure to leave some questions in the comment section below if you have any! I look forward to reading all of your questions- I hope at least one person asks questions.

Ahhhhhh, once again…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Thank you to all of you gorgeous people! May you all have a wonderful and happy day!

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112 thoughts on “4,000

  1. First of CONGRATULATIONS BEA!!! This is so so amazing! I am so in love with your blog and with you ❤ Your blog was the first one I became so obsessed with and I am so happy you decided to create such a happy place. All the love, xxx

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    1. Awwwww, Ann, you’re always the sweetest! I’m honest, you’re one of the sweetest and most lovely person I’ve ever met! You’re amazing! Thank you so very much for your constant support and for always coming by and dropping a comment and a like! Thank you, thank you! Have a splendid day! x

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  2. Congrats Bea! Here’s some questions for you!
    How do you feel about your early blog posts?
    What’s your favorite song lyric?
    Did you ever expect you’d be celebrating 4,000 on your blog?
    Congrats again! 👏🏽🎉😀

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  3. OMG CONGRATULATIONS GIRL I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! Such an amazing achievement!! I can only DREAM to be this successful once!! My question would be – what are the top tips on how to get as far with a blog as you have, or, in other words, any tips on how to be so freaking successful??


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  4. Bea, this is such an amazing milestone! Congratulations! Parabéns! You deserve every single one of them. Question, how do you keep up with everyone? How do you organize your blogging in general? Lot’s of planning? I need to know this 1. because I’m nosy and interested in your life 2. Because I look up to you and you’re such an inspiration 🙂 ❤

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  5. 4000 is insane!! Go Bea!
    Okay, questions?
    – Staying up late or getting up early?
    – What’s your favourite age group of children to teach?
    – How did you first get into teaching?
    – Can you show us more pictures of your dog? 😛

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  6. Congratulations, Bea! I am so happy for you although not surprised that you have so many fabulous people following you. Your blog is a ray of sunshine in all our days. I would ask – because I’m obsessed with travel and food – where is that one place in the world that you absolutely have to go to and what would you eat when you got there?

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  7. I some other questions, (I’m sorry) I’m trying to re-do my blog’s color scheme and I was wondering how I could make sure my pictures all looked like they belonged to a brand? Also if your doing a series of blog posts, what kind of featured image do you use? (If you can’t answer these that’s okay, I’m just looking for some insight.) Congrats again, E

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  8. THIS IS INSANE!! congratulations !! ❤️❤️ Ooh I can’t wait for you to do a Q&A! Here are my questions! xx

    What time in history (or the future) would you time travel to if you could?
    What three emojis sum up your blog, and your personality?!
    Would you rather go deep sea diving with sea creatures or climb a mountain?

    Can’t wait to hear all your answers!! ☺️


    1. Very very very very insane, I still don’t believe it myself honestly! Thank you so much for coming by and thank you so much for giving me those questions, can’t wait to answer! Have a wonderful day! x

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  9. I’m a little late to the party, but congratulations!! I honestly really love your blog and now I’m trying to catch up a bit on your posts 😀 I wish you all the success in the world, you deserve it for sure 🙂 Here are some questions: What did you want to become when you were little? What are the things that get you excited about life? What is your favourite clothing item/accessory that you own? And finally, what is your favourite scent?

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    1. Thank you so so so much!!! I’ve actually already typed up the Q&A post and it’s going up really soon but I’ll add your questions to it now! Thanks for dropping by gorgeous and i hope you have a wonderful day! x

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