Blogging Advice 008

Disclaimer: Although I’ve written 7 of these already, I’m still not a blogging expert!

Welcome back to my Blogging Advice series where I share some tips and tricks for all of you lovely readers. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I am not an expert what so ever when it comes to blogging, in fact I’m not much of an expert at anything. Although not an expert, I have been asked a few times for blogging tips and therefore I like to share what I have learned. Hope you find this helpful and if you have any other tips make sure to leave them in the comment section below.

Don’t Delete Photos:

Okay, so if you haven’t already noticed, the free WordPress plan comes with very limited amount of storage for photos and if you are like myself whole LOVES to share photos, this can be quite the Debbie Downer. Although there isn’t much storage for photos, I’ll tell you right now, you shouldn’t delete the photos that you have posted. Why do you ask? Well, on WordPress, once you delete a photo from your media folder, it automatically deletes it from the blog post(s) that you originally had it on. So if you have a post about your latest vacation and you went crazy sharing all of your fun activities and then later decided to delete said photos, if someone goes on now, they will only see your words and see that photos are missing. Yikes!


Although you may be thinking that I’m telling you to be funky, quirky, and cool, I’m really not. I’m actually telling you to use BeFunky the online photo editor. So, if you have the issue of being short on media storage this website will be a lifesaver! BeFunky allows you to not only edit photos, but you can also create collages with the photos that you want to share. I will say that making colleges does limit you because when people see your posts and click on your photos they can’t look at the photos individually, but this will GREATLY save you space in your media folder. Short on space but love to share photos? BeFunky is the way to go!


I totally understand that this one may not be for everyone because not everyone can be out here spending money on a blog, however, if blogging is something you are very passionate about and truly consider it a hobby, I think it is well worth it to spend a bit of money. If you think about it, hobbies in general such as scrapbooking, painting, book clubs and other activities typically spend money regardless so investing in your blog isn’t such a bad idea after all. Short on cash or you have no job because you are a teenager? Perhaps ask your parents for money, ask for a subscription for your birthday or another holiday, save your allowance or slowly save your money until you have enough to buy a year of WordPress.




75 thoughts on “Blogging Advice 008

  1. I’ve always wondered what I’ll do when I run out of space for photos!! I wondered whether they could be inserted from another site, I’ll have to look in to it when it comes to it! Or go down the purchasing route 🙈

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    1. Yeahh, as I said, BeFunky is great for making collages if you’re into that kind of thing but also one of these comments in this section has mentioned you can put them onto your Google Drive and then embed a link into your posts! I never personally tried that or even knew about this but that seems like a good option too! Thanks for coming by lovely Hannah! Have a great weekend! x

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  2. Thanks for sharing! I on the verge to delete some of my old photos. Good warning, though. Nice to learn about the photo editing as well. Usually, I’m more accustomed to VSCO on my phone. Lately, I use for text on photos editing. It works great on my Chromebook (which I invested on for blogging).

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    1. You’re very very welcome ! I’ve never heard of but I will definitely have to check it out, thank you so much for sharing that with me! Have a great day!


    1. Ahhh, I’m so sorry that happened to you and you had to learn the hard way! It’s really such a shame and so annoying that you aren’t allowed to just delete images. Hope that never has to happen again! Have a great day!

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      1. Thanks for these, the collages look great. Professional, contemporary. I just wish I could click the individual images to get a larger size. You have some beautiful shots but some are so tiny! Can BF do a clickable collage too?

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      2. That is the one thing it cannot do. Unfortunately when you design the collage you simply then save it from their website to your computer and then you can add it onto your blog. I totally wish it was clickable! Thank you so much for coming by! x

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  3. I love this advice! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂 Do you know if it’s possible to add pictures to a post without saving it on WordPress? I will also definitely check out BeFunky! 🙂

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    1. If you look in this comment thread, someone has mentioned that you can actually upload photos to your Google Drive and then embed them into blog posts, I have never tried it but perhaps give that a go! Thank you so much for coming by and leaving a comment. Have a lovely day! x

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    1. I’m so very glad that you found this helpful, I actually have several more of these if you ever feel like you need any help! I want to wish you the best of luck on your blogging journey! Have a wonderful day! x

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  4. I really wish I had seen this yesterday. I decided to delete my photos yesterday without realizing what would happen. It sucks. Just glad I only did it for a few posts!

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  5. Oh, found out that there 7 more posts of this series and i absolutely loved it!
    I have a question about the investing part, maybe it can be answered in your next post about Blogging Advice: What do you suggest for us to invest on in order for our blog to evolve?

    Thank u.

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    1. Yes, I have plenty of these posts! As for the investment, once you have a slightly bigger audience and you’re SURE you want to continue blogging whether as a fun past time or a hobby, purchase your own domain for more space for photos and possibly for more opportunities to grow. I will try to go into more detail in another post!

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