Happy Birthday Ciarralorren



Today, June 14th, marks a day where a magnificent human was born and that human is Ciarra! Ciarra has been my best friend now for years, I’m talking 12 years of friendship now. Ciarra has her own blog, in case you couldn’t already tell by all the blue hyperlinked words, that is absolutely amazing! Ciarra’s main focus in life in general has always been modeling and fashion so I am not surprised that she has such an amazing fashion blog where she talks about the latest trends and styles. Although very into fashion, Ciarra doesn’t just stop there because she also has a beauty section where she talks about her favorite makeup looks and brands. Does it stop there? OF COURSE NOT! Ciarra is a woman of variety and many talents and therefore she has also created a category titled The Cove, where she talks about much deeper life issues and her battle with anxiety and OCD.

It’s her birthday and she’ll cry if she wants to but hopefully today she doesn’t do much crying! I hope that ALL of you go over to Ciarra’s latest blog post and wish her a massive happy birthday! While you’re over on her fabulous blog, why not give her a birthday present! A present? What present could you possibly give her if you don’t know her? Well, give her a the gift of a follow! Seriously, follow her amazing blog and don’t forget to spread her blog because today is her special day!






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