Get To Know: Style In The Afternoon

HELLO all you wonderful people! Are you wondering who the very first “Get To Know” person of this month is?! Drum roll please…. It’s the stunning NATALIE from Style In The Afternoon! Natalie runs an absolutely gorgeous blog where she not only shares her beautiful smile in her photos but she also shares with us her amazing fashion sense and beauty looks. Let’s get to know her a bit better.

The Basics:

Name: Natalie Luisa
Occupation: I was working as a mental health associate at a youth treatment center. I recently decided to move back to my hometown so I am currently trying to figure out my next move. I would love to further my education in psychology and get into grad school!
Nationality: American
Country Currently Living In: America

Let’s Get a Little Personal:


Favorite blog post you’ve written?
My everyday makeup routine!
Favorite meal you’ve ever made?
Chicken with zucchini pasta and roasted tomatoes! I’m obsessed with my veggie spiralizer.
Favorite accessory?
My gold vintage Rotary watch
Favorite makeup brand?
That’s a tough one! I love so many different brands. I’m going to go with WetnWild for drugstore and Too Faced for high end.
Favorite clothing brand?
I am loving Zara at the moment

This or That:

Summer or winter?
Long walks on the beach or hikes up a mountain?
Long walks on the beach.I am completely content being near the water and squishing my toes in the sand.
Crazy night out or comfy night in?
Comfy night in
Movies or TV shows?
Movies (Audrey Hepburn movies are my fav!) Although I do love so many TV shows!
Books or films?

Would you rather:

Would you rather travel the world but never be able to blog it or take any photos or travel to 40-50 countries and be able to blog it and take pictures?
Though I would love to travel the world, it would be so hard not to take pictures or write about my experiences. I am going to  go with the latter. Being able to document and share my experience of traveling 40-50 countries would be awesome!
Would rather have a sweet dessert or a savory dessert?
Would you rather have coffee or tea?
Both. (I love chai tea lattes!)
Would you rather not have have a cell phone or not have a computer?
Another tough one! I’m gonna say I would rather not have a cell phone. I would have to manage trying to communicate with everyone through email! I’m getting a headache just thinking about it…

Simple Questions:

When did you start blogging?
Last month, in April!
What have you learned from blogging?
Patience. It was important for me to realize that it takes time to learn to create certain types of content and to build a following. I hope to improve my blogging skills with each post I publish and continue to learn from other bloggers.
What are your hobbies?
Running and reading! Oh wait….is shopping a hobby?! haha
What is your favorite quote?
“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

Let’s Get a Deeper Connection:

What advice would you give your younger self?
Don’t spend too much time worrying about the future. It will all fall into place. Live in the moment, and enjoy what is going on in the present! I would also say to focus on your own behavior rather than comparing yourself to others. Also,cut negative people out! They don’t need you and you don’t need them.
What advice would you give to starting bloggers?
I would say to be consistent and genuine! Create posts that you are passionate about and that you yourself would want to read. I am a new blogger myself, so I am open to any advice.
What have you learned about yourself throughout the years?
I have learned that often times I underestimate myself. I get it in my head that I can’t do something and don’t even try. Most times when I do push myself, I find that I am stronger than I think. Whatever I was scared of was nothing I couldn’t handle!
How would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself as laid-back, compassionate, humble, and supportive. I try to spread positivity whenever I can. A simple compliment or word of encouragement can really make a difference to someone. The feeling I get when I have helped someone is unmatched!
How would you describe the perfect world?
My perfect world would be filled with love and equal opportunities to live a happy and peaceful life. Racism and gender discrimination would not exist, differences would be celebrated and not scorned, and everyone would have a purpose in making the world a safe and joyful place!

How amazing were Natalie’s answers?! After reading a bit more about her don’t you just want to jump on over to her blog and give her a massive follow?! I think you definitely should because from her answers we can already learn that she is so humble, funny and amazing. Natalie shared a wonderful quote with us and some great advice too along with great humor by asking if shopping is a hobby, it most definitely is by the way! Everyone, go on over to Natalie’s blog and give her a huge follow, comment and like her posts and show her how supportive the blogging community can be!


Natalie, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to answer my questions and be part of this series; I loved your answers and I greatly appreciate your participation.



35 thoughts on “Get To Know: Style In The Afternoon

  1. Your kind words mean the world to me Bea!! I am always inspired by your positive attitude and dedication to your blog. I truly enjoyed answering these questions and taking part in this series. Thank you again for asking me to participate! xx

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    1. I do not use an app to edit my photos actually! When I import the photos into my computer I have the option to edit them by simply changing a few basic things and that is all I do! Typically when it comes to my photos I only change the contrast and brightness.

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  2. Natalie seems like she’s super cool! Just gave her a follow! This series is so nice! I love it! Please don’t stop doing these posts!! xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ll keep on going so long as people are interested !! Thank you so very much for coming by! Thank you for heading over to Natalie’s blog and giving her a follow, I’m sure she’s thrilled! X

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