Magic Garden

The amazing Kali Borovic recently pondered one of my featured images in fact, she said exactly this: “If you could blog about this magical world in your featured imagine, that would be great! xx.” So here I am today, ready to explain to you all about the wonderful and creative Magic Garden!

Where is the Magic Garden?

The Magic Garden is located in Philadelphia, PA. The garden can be found on 1020 South Street and is about half a block long.

What is the Magic Garden?

The Magic Garden is essentially a museum that includes indoor and outdoor galleries. The creator of the Magic Garden is Isaiah Zagar. Zagar created the garden using nontraditional materials such as bicycle wheels, tiles, mirrors, glass bottles, and statues; essentially Zagar was upcycling because he would take old objets and find a new purpose for them; the purpose being art. Before arriving to the garden it is evident that you’re approaching the museum because you begin to see the streets being filled with tiled mosaics created by Zagar.  It is said that Zagar chose his items and designs with meaning, only picking items that referred to his family, life, community or influential figures.

Zagar was looking to transform the neighborhood and therefore he did just that. In 1994, Zagar began working on 1020 South Street which at the time was a vacant lot. Eventually, the Boston-based owner of the vacant lot discovered what Zagar was doing to the land and decided to sell the land and requested that Zagar demolish his artwork. Obviously Zagar nor the community wanted to dismantle the artwork for it brought a great look and was such an amazing environment. After two years in legal battle with the Bostonian, Zagar’s outstanding artwork and museum became a nonprofit organization. In 2008 the Magic Garden opened to the public.





47 thoughts on “Magic Garden

    1. You’re most welcome! I really think you’d enjoy it, it’s so amazing what he’s done with the place. You can walk around in circles and always notice something new that you didn’t realize was there before. Really hope that you get to go soon! x

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    1. It really is gorgeous! I find it impeccable that someone could take what people consider trash and then turn it into something so artsy and stunning, truly amazing! I would highly suggest going there if you ever get a chance. As I’ve mentioned in a previous comment, you can walk around in circles and still notice something new every single time! Thank you for the compliment. Have a lovely day ! x

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  1. That place looks wonderful! I’m going to take note of it. My husband and I go into Philadelphia every month for his eye appointment at Will’s Eye hospital. Maybe sometime we could go to the Magic Garden sometime. I had never heard about it until now.

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