Blogging Advice 007

Disclaimer: I’m not a blogging expert but I have given out quite a bit of advice on blogging.

Although not an expert in the slightest on blogging and although I may not be followed by millions, I have had several people ask me for blogging advice which is the reason I started this series in the first place. It seems to me by the likes and the comments that many of you are enjoying this series and therefore I will keep sharing what I can until I run out of tips to share with you all.

Quality Over Quantity:

This one is probably obvious and you probably have heard it many times. It’s important to focus on quality posts that are well written and proof read. To be honest, there is no point in putting work out there to the world that is either poorly written or written with many mistakes and all over the place. Attempt to focus on one topic at a time for a post and write it well and with details; make sure to include paragraphs and not just one long massive paragraph. Another major key to writing quality posts is to make sure that there is punctuation when needed and that there are limit to no spelling errors. I understand that there are days that your fingers are extra happy and all they want to do is type type type but it’s important to put out quality work rather than a bunch of mediocre work.

Empower Others:

One of the things that I absolutely LOVE, I mean, it’s my favorite part of blogging, is empowering others. I love to lift people up, I love to motivate people to be the best possible them and I love to connect with people and inspire them to achieve their goals. If you are cruising along WordPress and come across a post you really enjoy, let the person know so that you can empower them to continue to write great posts that you are interested in. Similarly, if you are searching up tags and you come across a post and you see that the person may be struggling whether it’s with mental problems, physical problems or lack of motivation send a few kind words to them, you never know what a difference it can make to them. Empower others, lift each other up and help each other grow. 


If you ever want to reference someone’s blog whether it’s because you want to mention how awesome they are or because you are nominating them for a tag or award please make sure to use the hyperlink feature. When you are writing a post you can see that there is a link button next to the quote (“) this button allows you to link back to other blogs. If you hover over the link you can see it says “insert/edit link.” The link feature allows you to neatly feature a blog or website without having to have their whole URL present.

How To Use Hyperlink Feature:

  • Select a word or phrase you wish to link
  • Highlight the word and click on the “insert/edit link” button next to the quote symbol
  • In the URL section, paste the URL you wish to share and then select add link
  • After you do that the word you selected should appear blue and underlined
  • Once your readers click that blue highlighted word, they will be taken to the website you have hyperlinked


I hope these tips were helpful, as I’ve mentioned time and time again, I’m not an expert but I can definitely share with you the things that I have learned.



68 thoughts on “Blogging Advice 007

  1. I was cruising along WordPress and came across your post, I really enjoy it😉☺️
    I agree with all your tips. And proofreading is something I know we ALL can relate to. Mistakes and typos happen sometimes, sometimes you proofread once or twice and still miss something. But when every other word or sentence is a typo Or doesn’t make any sense, that’s a huge problem.

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    1. Yes I agree! I’ve noticed that sometimes I can read something over and over again and find no issues with it but then go back and realize there are issues but as you said, it’s okay to have some typos here and there but when it’s far too much it’s just distracting and your post loses it’s message! Thank you for coming by! x

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      1. So true😊
        I find you go it all looks good and then I go and read it out loud to my friend and I start questioning what I was trying to say😜

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  2. Good Morning! Thank you for this morning’s lesson/tip. Learning how to create a link is on my to do list. I am going to try this as soon as I back from vacation. I am also going to spend more time reading and commenting on blogs for support and personal knowledge. It is true that you do feel supported when someone acknowledges your work and it gives increased motivation. Great Job on today’s post!!!

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  3. I love your blogging advices!!! ❤ I agree at the quality over quantity and I love empowering others too!! I know that I don’t have million followers to share their blogs but I help them by reading their posts and giving comments. Thanks for sharing this, Bea! ❤

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  4. I definitely needed to hear some of this advice today! I feel that I haven’t been blogging enough and it is good to hear a reminder of quality over quantity. I also love your point on empowering others!!! It is good to be reminded of how important we are to one another. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Aww, Shelby, hope this post reassured you that it’s important to blog what you love and show passion within your posts, that’s really why quality over quantity is so important. Best of luck on your blogging journey! x


  5. Lovely post!! Super helpful 🙂 I would also like to add that I read on another post that said to sometimes write short, sweet, and simple posts too to keep the readers interested…idk if that helps but I really enjoyed reading this. So excited to see more of your content. Do you have any recommendations of blogs related to lifestyle and advice (similar to yours) to follow? Or any blogs to follow in general?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much! I do agree that sometimes short and sweet posts are better and some with photos for sure! To find related material to yours I would either search up the lifestyle tag and see what you find and then after click on one blog if you like it, perhaps explore their comments and click on who ever is commenting and go from there getting lost in all the blogs! As for people to follow:

      Just to name a few because there are definitely many, many more!

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  6. Also, can you do a post on using tagging and other resources/tips to get your content more noticed? And how to find other blogs that are like yours/similar blogging communities?

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    1. I’ve actually done a Blogging Advice post related to tags! But I am more than happy to elaborate more on the subject and also touch upon the similar blogging communities thing you’ve mentioned. Stay tuned! x

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  7. Where do the awards come from? How can I get more comments and engagement? If I’m not getting comments, should I assume there isn’t any interest in what I wrote and try to write about something else?
    Just call me, “Curious Kassie” lol.

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    1. Curious Kassie, much like awards, comments come with time. Awards are typically made up by someone and then they circulate through nominations. As for the comments, if you aren’t engaging with others, others can’t possibly find you. Look up some tags and start comment on other people’s posts. Follow more people so you can get your blog out there as well. Don’t forget when you write a post to even tag and categorize it so that if people search a particular thing such as “baking” your post can come up! Most of all, don’t worry about comments and engagements, they come with time. So long as you are doing what you love that is all that matters! Best of luck! x

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  8. Thank you for this post! I just started blogging after wrestling with the idea for three years and found this extremely helpful!

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