Get To Know: Mahala

Happy Saturday everyone! What is everyone’s plans for this weekend? Anything exciting? Let me know in the comment section below. Today our special Get To Know guest is Mahala! Mahala runs an amazing beauty and fashion blog where she reviews products and talks about the latest trends. Before you go on over and give Mahala a great big follow and like all of her posts, let’s get to know her a little bit better.

The Basics:

Name: Mahala
Occupation: Student (in my 5th year!)
Country Currently Living In: England

Let’s Get a Little Personal:


Favorite scent? 
Daisy by Marc Jacobs, I really like sweeter smelling scents even when it comes to makeup and bath bombs.
Favorite clothing brand? 
New Look as it’s pretty inexpensive and I’d rather spend more money on makeup, than clothes!
Favorite makeup brand? 
It has to be Kylie Cosmetics, my first lip kit got me into makeup and blogging, so I guess I will always have a soft spot for the brand.
Favorite face mask? 
I love experimenting with lots of different face masks so I don’t really have a favourite, but I do prefer sheet masks.
Favorite makeup store? 
Favorite lipstick color?
I’m addicted to nudes, my go to is Candy K from Kylie Cosmetics it’s a perfect pinky nude that stays put for hours.

This or that:

Bronzer or blusher? 
Bronzer to contour, I rarely use blush (is that bad?!)
Foundation or concealer? 
Concealer, I wear this instead of foundation for a lighter look on lazy makeup days.
Lipstick or lip gloss? 
Cream lipstick or matte lipstick? 
Matte lipstick

Would You Rather:

Would you rather always have to wear makeup, even on lazy days, or never be able to wear makeup? 
I love makeup as it’s a fun to change up my look, so I’d have to wear makeup everyday and use minimal makeup for those lazy pj days.
Would you rather have to wear a full face of makeup or minimal makeup? 
I’m a full face kind of girl, but I tend to stick with a more natural look.
Would you rather blog about fashion or blog about beauty? 
Although my url is, I rarely ever blog about fashion as I love makeup more and buy it more frequently. So I definitely would prefer to blog about beauty.
Would you rather wear perfume or wear body mists? 
Would you rather have a horrible haircut or an awful hair dye? 
Regrettably, I’ve had both in my life (luckily not at the same time!). I’d have a bad hair cut because it’s easier to disguise.

Simply Questions:

When did you start blogging? 
February 2016
What is the best thing about blogging? 
Joining the amazingly supportive blogging community
What posts do you enjoy most reading? 
I like reading personal posts about what’s going on people’s lives, although I’d say I read beauty reviews the most.
What posts do you enjoy most writing? 
This is tough… Probably makeup reviews.
What brands of makeup would you definitely not suggest? 
Binky London, it is truly terrible!

Let’s Get a Deeper Connection:

What advice would you give to your younger self? 
To love myself more
I know that you’ve had a few issues working with others because they didn’t hold up their end of the bargain, what advice would you give to people that want to work with others in the blogging world?
Do your research before agreeing to be involved in a collaboration and be 100% clear on what the company/person wants you to do. I’ve had companies change what they have agreed over emails and have wanted me to promote products I haven’t even tried. Collaboration means working together, you need to question if you’re getting anything out of it? If not, just say no thanks and move on.
What has been your worst experience when working with others?
Thankfully I’ve never worked with any bad companies as I emailed back and forth, making sure I knew what was involved. Some companies have sort of tried to bully me into promoting products or even buy products from them, whilst others make empty promises of exposure and prizes for giveaways. I nearly was involved in a terrible app which was meant to be the next live streaming app, let’s just say I’m happy I downloaded it before I said yes!
What have you learned from blogging?
That I love writing, it really set me on my path to becoming a writer and it’s why I went for my masters in Creative Writing.
Could you blog for a living?
I wish! I sadly don’t make any money from my blog.
What are your interests?
Makeup, music and writing
How would you describe the perfect world?
A place where everyone lives in peace and acceptance of others.

Woahhhh, what amazing answers that we received from Mahala! I absolutely love the advice she had to give about working with others and collaborations, I feel like all of us as bloggers can learn a lot from Mahala! I’m sure you are all eager now to go and give her a follow so go on over to her blog here and give her a massive follow.


Mahala, thank you once again for taking the time out of your day to participate in this very casual interview, I greatly appreciate your time and your effort. I loved your answers and I’m so happy that you have taken part in this Get To Know series. Thank you once again.



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