As Told By A Substitute 006

Hey, hey, hey, how’s everyone doing?! Do let me know in the comment section below! Welcome back to my blog, today I want to share some more stories of being a substitute. If you’ve missed my other five posts of this series, I would highly recommend that you go and check them out because they’ve made a few people burst into laughter.

Fire drill Failure:

Fire drills happen quite often. When the fire alarm goes off, students and teachers know what to do and which direction to leave the room in order to insure their safety. Well, typically speaking, the class will line up, the teacher will turn the lights off and lock the door and then continue walking his or her classroom out of the school. Well, I’m 5’2″ and a majority of the students in the school tower over me so after I turn around from locking the door, I lost sight of my class….Yup, I’m the teacher that lost her class in the middle of a fire drill. Eventually I work my way outside and I’m frantically looking for my class, I finally found a few of the students but not the whole class. This has happened twice to me….yup, I’ve lost my students twice in the middle of a fire drill. Thank goodness both times were drills.

Instagram Followers:

Throughout the months of September to June I keep my Instagram private, not because I have anything to hide but just because I don’t want students to find and follow me. Well, some how they still manage to find me and they have absolutely no shame in trying to request me…..I’d have a lot more followers if I actually accepted the students that request me but that just feels wrong. On another note, follow my Instagram!


Hope you all have a lovely day, thank you so much for joining me on some more of my stories.




28 thoughts on “As Told By A Substitute 006

  1. Fire drills are madness. I swear I about have a heart attack every time the alarm sounds–scares the heck out of me even when I know it is coming 😛 As for losing the class, I can imagine that happening to me. That’s when it’s time to just give up and head to Starbucks, hehe 😉

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  2. That is too funny, I got a good chuckle but mostly because I’ve also at one point have been a substitute teacher, its not always easy. But I feel you with the friend requests, except when I was doing it- facebook was ALL the rage so they would try to friend request me and I just had to deny them all. Eventually I became a teacher of my own classroom but it was for a much younger grade (1st and 2nd grade) so I didn’t have to worry about either 😉

    xo, JJ

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  3. I find that really funny about the Instagram. Maybe they’re hoping you’ll follow back so they can boost their own numbers? Or they’re just nosy. On another note, I am still Facebook friends with a few of the teachers I was really close to in high school. I didn’t friend them till after I graduated though XD

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