Get To Know: Carly

Hello everyone, how is everyone doing?! Let me know in the comment section below. As some of you may know, I started a Get To Know series last month in hopes of getting to know my followers better and also to spread other blogs out to other people. Today our amazing guest that we will be learning more about is Carly from Caffeinated Carly. Carly is a stunning lady with a slight coffee addiction who is married and the proud parent of two cats. Let’s get to know Carly a little bit better.

The Basics:

Nicknames: Chubba (courtesy of my brother), Charles, and Snarly (Super odd nicknames, I know)
Occupation: I am an MD (multiple disabilities) Kindergarten teacher.
Country Currently Living In: USA


Let’s Get a Little Personal:

Favorite roast of coffee?
Dark Roast from Pete’s Coffee, or Starbucks blonde roast! The bolder, the better.
Favorite coffee spot?
Starbucks! They know me by name, as well as by order.
Favorite scent?
Fresh linen.
Favorite time of day to have coffee?
As soon as I wake up, and as a mid day pick-me-up!
Favorite way to have your coffee?
With a lot of soy milk and a touch of Truvia.

This or that:

Lattes or coffee?
Coffee, but I do enjoy the occasional latte when I want something sweeter.
Comfy day in or wild night out?
Comfy day in! I’m a sweat pants and wine kind of girl.
Cats or dogs?
I love dogs, but my cats take the cake. They are my babies!
Comfy clothes or formal clothes?

Would you rather:

Would you rather travel the world but not be able to blog it or travel to only 40-50 countries but be able to blog it?
That’s a tough question! I think I would want to travel the world, and try to share my experiences in another way. You can’t trade an experience like that for the world.
Would you rather wear yoga pants your whole life or wear dresses your whole life?
Yoga pants for the win!
Would you rather have a bad haircut or have a bad hair dye experience?
I have to go with a bad dye because it would be easier to fix.
Would you rather make food and stay in or go out to dinner at a restaurant? 
I would much rather make food and stay in.  I love cooking and sharing my food with others! Plus, it’s cheaper.

Simple Questions:

When did you start to blog?
Only a few months ago (unless you count my Xanga from high school, which still has to be out there somewhere).
What kind of blogs do you enjoy most?
Lifestyle, but I love all kinds of blogs. I have learned so many new things from reading a variety of blogs!
What is your typical order at Starbucks?
A Venti blonde roast coffee with soy!
Other than coffee, what else do you like to drink?
I love water. I always have my water bottle with me! I also love wine!
What place or places have you visited and fell in love with?
My husband and I went on a cruise for our wedding and one of the stops was in Honduras. It was absolutely breath taking and I would go back in a heartbeat. The food, the culture, the people, and the beaches were amazing.

Let’s Get a Deeper Connection:

What advice would you give your younger self?
You will never make everyone happy, and that is okay. Don’t let people take advantage of your soft spoken nature. Stick up for yourself and own who you are, because that girl is actually pretty great.
What advice would you give to the younger generation?
Put down your phone and actually talk to people. There is a beautiful world outside just waiting for you to see it. If you are buried in your phone and social media, you might miss out on something spectacular.
What is the best experience in life that you have ever had?
My wedding day. Marrying the most amazing man I know and celebrating with all of the people I love most felt like a dream.
What are you looking forward to most?
In the near future, I am looking forward to our two family vacations this summer! In the (hopefully) semi-near future, I am looking forward to raising little ones with my husband. Adding to our already wonderful, crazy family would be such a blessing.
How would you describe the perfect world? 
A perfect world to me is a peaceful one, where everyone is kind to one-another, all of the time.

How great were those answers!? I hope you had a great time getting to know Carly a bit more, please do not forget to go and visit her blog, while you’re over there give her a massive follow because she definitely deserves it!




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    1. I actually come up with all of them. For the most part I check the person’s blog and try to ask them things based off of their interests, but I do ask them general questions as well!


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