The Cramm Award 002

The amazing Mila from Doodling Panda has nominated me for The Cramm Award. I want to thank Mila so much not only for nominating me for this award but for always being so supportive and kind. I want all of you to go on over to her blog and give her  a massive follow, a few likes and many comments too.

TheCramm award was created by Liv, the owner of theCramm an awesome platform that is all about condensing each day’s news into one place!


  1. Include a little bit about who created this award (with a link) and mention the person the who nominated you.
  2. Share 3 things that motivate you to blog and share 3 people that motivate you to blog as well
  3. Share one thing you hope to do that will improve the world
  4. Answer your challenge question
  5. Nominate your choice of bloggers and give them a challenge question.

Three Things That Motivate Me To Blog:

  • Experiences; I just want to share things with the world whether it’s what I’ve been through or what I’ve seen.
  • Thoughts; much like experiences I like to share and I like to have other people comment and tell me what they think and how they view a certain thing, I do this a lot with my Quotes To Live by.
  • Photography; it’s no secret that I’ve been really into taking photos lately so I just love to photographer whatever it is that is around me and then share with my followers.

Three People That Motivate Me To Blog:


I’m kind of taking this one from Jamie from Don’t Give a Jam but I really do believe that I motivate myself to blog. I motivate myself to do a lot of things, I’m my own motivator because I want to be the best possible me.


Cheila is kind of new to blogging, only a few months but she blogs everyday and honestly does so well. Cheila has quickly gained followers because she is so open and so active in the blogging community. Cheila has actually been a huge motivator to make me want to blog more and more and not feel bad for blogging more often or posting multiple times a day, after all, this is MY blog and therefore I can do as I please.

The YouTubers I watch: 

Some of the YouTubers I watch started off with blogs and I really enjoy going back to their blogs and looking at what they did in the past and how their blog progressed as years went on. I watch Zoe Sugg, Tanya Burr and Niomi Smart, those are the three ladies I’m talking about that blog.

One Worldwide Improvement:

I wish people would just get along, no more wars, no more fighting, no more killing. Just live with one another at peace and if you don’t agree with someone either ignore them or learn to talk things through.

Challenge Question:

What is your meaning of life?

This is the kind of question that is viewed differently by everyone. In my opinion, the meaning of life is to do what you love and be happy with yourself; to constantly improve and make the world a better place.

My Challenge Question To You:

Are humans getting better with each generation?

My Nominees:

EVERYONE! I mean it, everyone who is reading this and wishes to participate whether it’s because you’ve never done this or because you find it interesting, do it, I’m opening this to everyone who wishes to take part. Make sure to tag me in the post so I can check it out.



18 thoughts on “The Cramm Award 002

    1. Thank you Kali! I do inspire myself, I just like blogging and therefore being my own inspiration is such a great thing ! Thank you so much for coming by and have a lovely day! x

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