The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Stick

Hello everyone, if you’ve been a long time reader than you know that I use to do BirchBox reviews back when I actually had a BirchBox subscription. Well, the reason I haven’t been updating you in awhile on those reviews is because I am no longer subscribed to them (the subscription was a 6 month long gift from my best friend). Anyway, since I was always reviewing the products that I got during my gift subscription I ended up with all of these points which I could use to buy products or to buy a subscription. Well, I decided to buy a three month long subscription and try out some more products. Instead of doing a general BirchBox review, I’ve decided to select specific products from my boxes and review them separately just so that I can go into more detail on the products without making an extremely long rambly post.

Today, I will be talking about The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Stick! BirchBox sent me this fun looking lipstick in the shade SAUCY MARSALA.


$14.95 from either The Beauty Crop or you can purchase it for the same price from BirchBox.


LOVE IT! I can honestly say that this packaging is so fun, cute and very different in comparison to other lipsticks you see in stores.


As I’ve said, BirchBox is the one that sent me the product and therefore I didn’t get to choose the color but I love the Saucy Marsala shade so very much. This smoothie stick also comes in Guava Nice Day, Peach Please, Playing Ketchup,  and Raisin the Roof. I can truthfully say that I like pretty much every shade that the PBJ Smoothie Stick comes in.


Creamy and hydrating.

Would I Buy It?:

I would most definitely buy this Smoothie Stick and I’m not only saying that because it looks so fun and pretty but also because I love the creamy smooth(ie) texture and I really like how long lasting the product is too. I also really like the fact that this lipstick isn’t drying but instead it is hydrating leaves my lips feeling nice and soft even after it has vanished.

Overall Rating:


Have you tried this product before? Does this product look like something you’d be interested in trying? 




30 thoughts on “The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Stick

  1. The packaging is SO cute, the color looks very nice too! I usually don’t like to buy lip products for that price but it all looks like it could be worth it. Especially if it’s creamy, long lasting, and not drying 💄

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    1. I LOVE the packaging, I’ve never seen anything like it! I don’t like purchasing things that may be too much and then not worth it but I can say I would buy this again because I was blown away by it! Plus…it’s very cute 😀 x

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    1. Thank you so very much, I’m glad you like the style of my reviews, I have a few more coming so look forward to that! I completely agree that this lipstick is really good, I was shocked actually by great it is! x

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    1. Thank you so so very much! I totally, agree this is the cutest packaging that I have ever seen! I’m also so blown away by the formula because it is so creamy that it feels great on the lips!

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    1. Haha, I’ve never seen packaging quite like this one, I’m shocked at how cute and different it is. Thank you so so so much for nominating me. I will admit, I’m behind on awards/tags but I’ll get to it as soon as I can! Thank you again and have a lovely week Sarah ! X

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