April Favorites

Another month has quickly come and has quickly gone; I feel like I say this every month but I truly do wonder where the time has gone because it feels like it’s just slipping away. Well, how did the month of April treat you? Did you enjoy my April challenge of posting everyday? I even posted more than once in some days so I hope you all enjoyed that, do let me know in the comment section below. Well clearly, by the title, I am going to be sharing my April Favorites with you today.


So, my boyfriend recently purchased the latest Nintendo Switch and got the Zelda game. At first, I was wondering what was so special about this game that he would spend hours playing but once I played myself I quickly realized how fun it is. You’re basically a character (Link) on the hunt to save the princess but in the meantime you have to travel around to complete side quests and find shrines. I can honestly tell you that I have played hours upon hours of this game, sometimes even 5 hours straight without even realizing how quickly time has flown by.


As most of you know, I have been working on my photography and I found myself picking up my camera a bit extra this month. I enjoyed traveling to parks and other places with my camera to find the perfect image. Don’t get me wrong, I have a long way to go with my photography but I truly have been enjoying it. Keep your eyes open for my April Photos post to see what photos I took.

My Planner:

Is this one a bit geeky? Maybe but I have been loving my planner lately because I use it to plan out my blogs neatly. For this month, every time I would write a post and schedule it, I would write it down in my planner so I can easily see when it would be posted. I also have been doing this for the month of May and I am greatly enjoying the fact that everything is so organized. Yes, I’m already working on posts for the month of May.

Blogging Advice Posts:

I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I have been really liking my Blogging Advice posts. If you’ve read the posts than you know that I say from the beginning that I am not a blogging guru but people have asked me for some advice and therefore I’ve decided to create a series to share my blogging advice with you all. So far, the blogging advice posts have been a major hit and have gotten many likes and comments which of course makes me very happy.

Check them out here if you haven’t already:

Get To Know Series:

Alright so here I am patting myself on the back again but I really have been enjoying this Get To Know series that I have come up with. For those of you who may not know, I have started a Get To Know series where I casually interview other bloggers in hopes of getting to know them a bit better and to help spread their blog to my readers. I really have been enjoying coming up with questions for each blogger as well as reading their responses. Not only have I been enjoying the actual work it takes to get to know them a bit better but I have been loving my readers response because it seems like many people are enjoying it!

All of You:

Is it weird that I am saying you’re all my favorite? It’s the truth though. I realized this month that I got so much more support and so much more activity than the months before. This month my views and likes have gone way up in comparison to other months and definitely in comparison to a year ago. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to my posts whether it’s been by taking the time to read, like and comment or if it has been by contributing to my Get To Know series. Once again, thank you so much to all of you for your constant support, I cannot wait to keep on posting for you all to read and I cannot wait to read your work as well.






23 thoughts on “April Favorites

  1. Your posts (all of them!!) We’re amazing! I enjoyed reading one, two, three posts a day from you so much!!! Your blogging advice helped me so much and your get to know series was just incredible. Thanks again for interviewing me, this still is one of the biggest proud-moments for me, if that makes sense ;). Xx

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    1. Of course it makes sense that this is one of your most proud months! I can totally see why. Thank you so much for being so supportive and so active in my blog and of course for doing the series and reading my work. I wish you the best of luck on your blog because it’s awesome so you deserve endless likes and comments! X

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  2. I really like that you post about monthly favorites! The days certainly do slip away quickly. It’s great that you try to reflect back on the highlights, that’s something I definitely need to do more often! Love your blog 🙂

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  3. Hi there, just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the ‘blogging advice’ series. As a ‘newbie’, I find it enlightening and really helpful. You always say you’re not an expert in blogging, but I think you know more than you think you do!! Thanks so much, Lorraine (Minimal-Lol)

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  4. I’ve been playing hours and hours of Zelda since 1998, so I completely understand haha ! It’s really cool that you have your own blogging advice series, its really helpful to everyone 😊 Great post ! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes ! I remember I was like 6, and the Nintendo 64 was out with Zelda Ocarina of Time 😀 It’s such an old game now comparing to ne new one ! Have a wonderful day too 💜

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