The Blue Sky Tag 006

Hello everyone, how is everyone doing?! Do let me know in the comment section below. Today I want to share with you another tag; I honestly cannot believe that I’ve been nominated again! Not so recently, I was nominated by Cheila who runs a blog titled Pink For Days. I’m so late with typing this up but at least I’m getting to it finally! Thank you Cheila so so so much for thinking of me and for nominating me, I really appreciate it. I would recommend that everyone go on over to Cheila’s blog and give her a massive follow because she’s a relatively new blogger but let me tell you, she’s doing great for herself!!

Here are the rules:

  • Give 11 questions
  • Tag 11 people
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you

Cheila’s Questions to Me:

  1. How old are you? (I ask this because I always think you guys are in your twenties and I’ve gotten surprises of both 35 and 14 lol)
    I am currently 23 years old.
  2. What is the best change you have ever made to your lifestyle?
    Dropping people who served no purpose in my life other than bringing negativity.
  3. Do you still have your grandparents? Tell me something about them.
    I have a grandmother, I don’t really know much about her because she’s lived in Portugal her whole life and I’ve seen her maybe 5 times?
  4. What’s your favorite childhood memory?
    My dinosaur vitamin story! My mom would give me dinosaur vitamin’s that were absolutely disgusting because they were so chalky and nasty! My mom would always tell me I had to take them so I could grow to be “big and tall” well, I took this idea and would give it to the ants so that they could be “big and tall.” Eventually, I got caught and when she asked me why I did that and for how long I told her “I’ve done it for months so that the ants could be big and tall.”
  5. Tell me something about your first day of school?
    Oh my, which first day of school?! When I was younger I would always cry, I cried a lot, I hated going to school, not because I hated school but because I hated being away from my mom. In middle and high school, I didn’t really care so much however in high school I was the only freshman in a senior theater class, so that was a bit nerve wrecking. As for college, I was a bit nervous but happy for a new beginning.
  6. Do you own a car? Which one? Do you have a dream car? Which one?
    Yes, I do own a car. I have a silver convertible Ford Mustang. My dream car is probably an all black Range Rover but I would also always like to have a convertible Mustang as a side beach kind of car.
  7. Can you sing or dance? Or both?
    I cannot sing and I definitely cannot dance however, Rock band says I’m a pretty solid singer according to my straight A’s in multiple songs. (They only count pitch lol, trust me, I’m not good.)
  8. Do you miss someone right now?
    Hmmmm, I’m at work, I’m really not missing anyone currently.
  9. Is there something you regret doing in the last few months?
    Nope, nothing.
  10. Tell me about a famous woman or man who inspires you.
    Zoe Sugg really inspires me. Zoe is a British YouTuber and blogger that has had anxiety her whole life but manages to over come it and be so successful.
  11. What’s a controversial opinion that you have?
    I don’t think I have one honestly…

My Questions to You:

  1. Can you describe your ideal home?
  2. What were some of your favorite childhood TV programs?
  3. Do you have an special talents?
  4. Did you play sports growing up? Do you play sports now?
  5. What is a daily life routine for you?
  6. Are you spontaneous or do you prefer to have things planned out?
  7. What did you find most difficult about school?
  8. Have you ever gotten a hair color or hair cut that you absolutely hated?
  9. Do you have a favorite candy?
  10. Winter or summer?
  11. What is one materialistic item you cannot live without?


ALL OF YOU! I’m serious, everyone who reads this place answer my questions and tag me so that I can go on over and read! I look forward to seeing what everyone has to say!




35 thoughts on “The Blue Sky Tag 006

  1. I just loved reading your answers! I imagined cute little Bea, feeding ants and crying because she didn’t want to be away from mom!! My first day of school ever, I was 5 years old and had not been to preschool or any kind of daycare, I would stay with my grandma while mom worked. So first day of first grade, I cried because they forced me to finish my plate of food at lunch. I don’t think I had ever been forced to eat so much and more than I wanted lol The ladies were mean. Girl, what a sweet ride!! You may not sing and dance but I bet you look like a million bucks in that car hahaha 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha, thank you so very much for that lovely comment! I cannot believe they forced you to eat your food if you didn’t want it, how rude! Yes I do very much so love my car, I can’t imagine getting rid of it although I know some day I will have to. Have a great day! x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Another tag done! Well done Bea 🙂
    Also, you’re 23? I’m 25! I also think everyone in their blogs is in their twenties, but there’s such a wide range. It’s so funny when you find out everyone’s actual age 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! We are so close in age! There is a massive difference in age between some people, in if my favorite blogger Abigail, is 13!!! Yes only 13! She’s incredible ! Thanks for coming by!

      Liked by 1 person

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