Get To Know: Tabi Bee

Hello everyone! How is everyone doing?! So, by now, I hope that you’re all aware of the fact that I am doing a Get To Know series where I very casually interview other bloggers. I’m hoping that this series will spread like wildfire and introduce many of my followers to new blogs and bloggers.
Today’s guest that I have interviewed is Tabi Bee. Tabi Bee is known for her DIY projects, doodles, taking awesome photos and being excellent at crafting. If you go on over to Tabi’s blog you’ll easily be amazed by the brightness and happiness of her blog. Another thing that will definitely catch your eye is that Tabi’s blog is filled with DIY projects and doodles that will amaze just about everyone! Don’t forget to go on over to Tabi Bee and give her a massive follow; but first, let’s get to know her a bit more!

The Basics: 

Name: Tabi Bee
Nationality: British
Country Currently Living In: England

Let’s Get A Little Personal:


Favorite doodle you’ve created?
I’m not sure if I have a favourite…but I like this spread of birds doodle!
 Favorite thing about doodling?
I love creating my own little characters that are so adorable and they just sort of become my little friends! (Is that weird?!) And it’s just a great way to relax and de-stress.
Favorite type of DIY to create?
Ooh…this is so hard! I love creating DIYs that everyone can make, so things out of cardboard, paper and a lil bit of PVA!

Favorite way to spend a day off?

My favourite way to spend a day off is definitely in a onesie, with a hot drink and a film! Nothing beats that for me in the evening! ❤
 Favorite project you’ve done? (Include a link please)
I think I’ve made so many, but I love this DIY I posted about how to make a cactus photo display! It’s basically a board that you can hang photos on, and I love it on my wall!  Here it is: DIY Cactus Photo Display

This or That:

Reading a book or creating a DIY project?

DIY Project definitely!

Baking/cooking or DIY projects?

DIY Project! 😉 I sort of fail at baking…!

Painting or sketching?

Would You Rather:

Would you rather never be able to look up DIY projects or never be able to create DIY projects?

Oh my gosh! Definitely rather never be able to look up DIYs!
Would you rather HAVE to share all of your projects (even the ones that failed) or never share any projects?
I’d love to share the ones that failed !! I often say if I completely failed at making something because why hide it?!
 Would you rather have doodling become a career or would you rather have another job? 
I’d love to doodle as a career! It would be amazing!

Simple Questions:

When did you start doodling?
I pretty much doodled since I could draw- not that it was that great though!
Have you always been artistic or has it taken time?
People have always said I’m creative, but if I didn’t doodle so often I doubt I would have improved much!
How do you react when you’ve failed at a project?
I suppose I get a bit annoyed, then just laugh because it’s hilarious !
Where do you get inspiration for your projects?
I either look online for them (although I think I’ve seen every DIY project EVER now…) or look at what shape cardboard boxes and materials I have then just get making things out of what I have.

Let’s Get A Deeper Connection: 

What advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t change anything, because it will always lead on to something better ❤
 What advice would you give to younger children in general?
Don’t stress about anything and just have fun!
 What quote do you live by?
I’ve always had a thing about copying!…   You can copy all you want, but you’ll always be one step behind.
 How would you describe the perfect world?
Where people realise there’s no point being hateful and destructive, and just live their lives peacefully and where everyone cared that little bit more towards wildlife and the environment!
 What is your favorite thing about yourself?
That I will always accept you, no matter who you are.
 What do you admire in others?
I admire people who are so outgoing!
 How passionate are you about creating projects?
Agh so so passionate! I love creating projects that other people enjoy and want to make themselves, or that make people smileee
 Could you see yourself doing projects and selling them on a website?

I have an etsy shop! But it’s empty…I’d love to sell things on it soon though! So yes, definitely!

Thank you so so much for having me! 😉
Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 1.39.26 PM
What a lovely casual interview that was! Did your read the part about not stressing and just having fun with life? I think most of us probably need to remember that a bit more. Also, Tabi mentioned that she admires people that are so outgoing so how about you all go be outgoing and visit her blog, while you’re there you should definitely follow her, like her posts and comment on them too! Seriously, check her out here because she is great!
Thank you so much Tabi Bee for taking the time out of your day to fill out this interview, I appreciate it loads and I hope that this post brings you loads of traffic to your page. Thank you once again and I cannot wait to see more of your beautiful creations.

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  1. Thank you SOO much Bea for having me!! I enjoyed it so much, and I feel so honoured that you wanted to interview me! xx All the comments are so so lovely, again big hugggs for letting me be interviewed!! ❤ 😉

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