Bath & BodyWorks Haul 001

Hmmmmmm, do you smell that?! The heavenly, wonderful, fresh smell of Bath & BodyWorks! If you’ve been here for more than just a couple of months than you know I love Bath & BodyWorks candles but I have a surprise for you, I also love their hand sanitizers! I am a huge hand sanitizer persona; if you ask my best friend, Ciarra, she’ll tell you that I always have a hand sanitizer with me. Today I’m here to share with you my latest haul.

Lemon Grapefruit with Vitamin A, B, & E:

Although not a hand sanitizer, it still has to do with hands, I love Bath & BodyWorks gentle foaming hand soap and therefore I couldn’t resist getting a springy scented hand soap.


Bath&BodyWorks describes this scent as “a fresh and zesty blend of lemons, grapefruit peel & juicy nectarine.” With just one pump of this soap you instantly feel like you’re in summer on a tropical island ready to go and soak up the sun…well, at least I feel this way. 

Good Vibes Only Coconut:

Who doesn’t like some good vibes with a hint of coconut! I love all things coconut and therefore it shouldn’t be too surprising that I reached for this hand sanitizer. Bath & BodyWorks describers this scent as “let the good times roll with an invigorating blend of creamy coconut, fresh palm & vanilla.” I absolutely love it.

Maui Mango Mai Tai:

I cannot get over how much this smell makes me want summer and a tropical beach! Bath&BodyWorks describes this smell as “a tropical cocktail of mango nectar, sun-kissed grapefruit & sugarcane.”


Okay, okay, I’ll admit the reason I picked this one up is because of the clever name and the little bunny on the package. This is a perfect easter basket gift if I do say so myself! Bath &BodyWorks describes this scent as “hop down the bunny trail with fresh raspberries, lemon zest & sugared petals.” It’s definitely different in comparison to the other hand sanitizers that I’ve ever gotten but I love it! I especially love the fresh raspberry hint that comes through.

Sweet as Strawberries:

The smell of sweet strawberries isn’t something I would typically go for but I loved the freshness and sweetness of this scent and therefore I couldn’t resist. Bath & BodyWorks describes this as “an oh-so-refreshing spritzer of juicy strawberries, currant sorbet & sparkling water.”

Copacabana Coconut:

There isn’t a description given by Bath & BodyWorks for this but I can best describe it as coconut bliss. I’ve repurchased this specific scent time after time because it’s definitely one of my favorites!


Thank you so much for coming by and reading about my haul. Please, let me know your favorite scents from Bath & BodyWorks in the comment section below.


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38 thoughts on “Bath & BodyWorks Haul 001

  1. Thanks for this!! I’ve been out of hand sanitizer for a while but I am such a online shopper junkie- I actually hate going into the stores lol and there are so many new scents I wasn’t aware of. But I will definitely be trying some of these as well! 🙂

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  2. I love everything in bbw! Lotion, body wash, candles, hand sanity, lip balm. lol I need it all!!! These look so spring and summer inspiring🌸🌼☀️love it

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  3. I have a hard time with Bath and Body Works because a lot of their scents give me a headache! I’m especially a fan of their peach ones, but Maui Mango Mai Tai sounds like an incredible summer scent! I’ll check it out!

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    1. I agree, sometimes walking through their store can give me a headache too with all the different scents and sometimes I even have to blow out my candles because their scents are so powerful but nonetheless, I love em! Thanks for coming by!

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  4. I’m obsessed with their hand sanitizers too! Since they have their deal 5 for $6, I always leave with 5 or 10. I never run out of those, but then I want new ones, I haven’t tried any of those that you mentioned.

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