Get To Know: Jamie

Hey hey, I’ve been getting tons of people getting back to me with this Get To Know series and therefore I’ve been sharing tons of them! I hope I don’t run out of people. If you’ve been keeping up with this blog than you already know this but I decided to start a new blog titled Get To Know _______ where the blank is a different blogger each time. I was hoping that by starting this series I could not only get to know my followers a bit more but I also could spread their blog! So, are you wondering who our guest is today?! It’s JAMIE!

Jamie has a blog titled Don’t Give A Jam. How clever is that blog title? Do you love it as much as I do? Jamie blogs about just anything, she does reviews on shows, products, she talks about her monthly favorites and most of all, she shows off her stylish outfits in her fashion posts. Jamie is a super kind and very supportive young lady, she is very involved in the blogging community and she just seems to have such a fun, happy, and free spirit! I would highly recommend that everyone go on over to her blog and check it out but if you aren’t yet convinced to check her out then get to know her a bit more below.

The Basics:

Name: Jamie
Nicknames: Jam or Jame
Age: I just turned 26 this month actually.
Nationality: I’m a bit of a mix, but mostly Irish, Italian & French Canadian.
Country Currently Living In: America

Let’s Get a Little Personal:


Favorite lipstick:
Not really lipstick, but I’m gonna have to go with my tried-and- true Revlon balm stain in the shade honey.
Favorite accessory:
I wear my cape cod bracelet everyday, but I also really like to accessorize with sunglasses, or a beanie.
Favorite nail polish brand:
Essie for sure.
Favorite face mask:
I’ve really been loving the boscia charcoal pore pudding mask.

This or That:

Floral scented candles or warm scented candles?
I’m gonna have to go warm scented here. Although, I have a slight candle obsession so I really don’t mind either.
Lip gloss or lipstick?
Lipstick. It bothers me that lip gloss is sticky. Gross.
Winter fashion or summer fashion?
I’ll choose summer fashion, cuz you can wear fun summery clothes during the day, but still wear jeans & cozy sweaters at night.
Hair down or up?
Down, almost every day.
Perfume or body mist?
Gotta go perfume on this one.

Would You Rather:

Would you rather have a terrible haircut or a terrible hair dye?
In my experience a terrible hair dye is easier to fix, so I guess hair dye, but honestly neither are fun at all!
Would you rather give up wearing mascara or give up wearing foundation?
I’d have to give up foundation, I’d much rather just have mascara on!
Would you rather have the ability to teleport or have the ability to fly?
Teleport. I’m notoriously late for everything, so I feel like teleportation might help me not be late. Or rather, not be as late.

Simple Questions:

What is one item that you simply cannot live without?
Tough one Bea! I’m gonna go with dry shampoo. I use Batiste dry shampoo all the time!
If you could have someone cook you breakfast each morning, what would you ask them to make you?
An egg & cheese sandwich on an english muffin with either bacon or sausage. Or bacon and eggs. Or pancakes. Or a bagel. Can’t choose!
Do you prefer to cook or bake?
I’m not the best at either, but I guess cook cuz I’m not huge on sweets.
What is your favorite place that you have visited?
I don’t have a great answer for this yet, gotta do more traveling!

Let’s Get a Deeper Connection:

Do you have any material items that mean the world to you? If so, what’s their story?
I have a little white Buddha statue that I picked out with my dad. He’s always been interested in learning about different religions and Buddhism especially caught his attention, and mine! I love that little buddha statue.
What is one thing you’d love to change about the world?
I wish more people were open and took a second to be nice, smile at a stranger, pay someone a compliment. Just more aware of the impact their vibes have on other people.
What piece of advice would you give your younger self?
Not to get so caught up in people who don’t deserve your energy.
What is your happiest childhood memory?
So many to choose from! I’ll go with the day we got Bandit, our tuxedo cat. I loved that little guy so much and he was my first pet other than fish and hamsters, so definitely a happy memory!
What one thing have you not done yet that you really want to do? What is holding you back from doing it?
I want to go traveling! I guess I just haven’t gotten around to actually doing it, actually choosing a place and booking a trip. Gotta get on that!


Has that casual interview proved to you that Jamie is super awesome and definitely deserves all the follows in the world?! I sure hope it has and I hope that all of you go on over to her blog, give her many likes, many comments and follow her right away!



Thank you so much Jamie for agreeing to do this casual interview with me, I loved your answers and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the support you’ve given me!



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  1. Yay! I love this series, and these questions are great for getting to know a little more about other blogs. I loved reading more about Jamie, her blog is so fun, and she seems like a really lovely person 🙂

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