March Favorites

The third month of the year 2017 has quickly come and quickly gone! How was your month? Did it treat you right? I’m honestly hoping next month is better weather wise because this month it’s been kind of crazy. One day we have sunny, bright, spring 70 degree weather and then the next we have a blizzard…I kid you not, this actually happened. I’m really looking forward to more stabilized sunny weather and therefore I shall keep my fingers crossed that next month we have better weather.

As it is the end of another month, it’s only right that I keep to tradition and write up a favorites post. I must admit however, there weren’t that many favorites this month, but a few things did stand out.


This month my boyfriend surprised me with Girl Scout Cookies, specifically the samoas. Samoas are a crisp cookie coated in caramel and toasted coconut shreds finished off with a stripped chocolate drizzle. Prior to this time, I had never tried these Girl Scout Cookies, I typically stick to the Thin Mints, however I do love coconut and chocolate so I was very excited to try. Safe to say, there aren’t any left and I’m craving another box sooooo badly.


I’ve been loving my Brita filter! I recently decided to stop drinking so much water out of water bottles because I go through so many in a day and I know how bad that is for the earth and therefore I purchased a Brita filter. I was worried because originally I thought I wouldn’t like the taste of tap water but I’m very shocked at how well the water is filtered, there is no taste of tap water what so ever! I’ve been filling up my 300 ml glass water bottle several times a day and I’m loving it because I’m helping the earth while staying hydrated. (I need a bigger water bottle though because 300 ml doesn’t cut it for me, especially during a workout.)


I’m not talking about the mathematics operation divide, I’m talking about Ed Sheeran’s latest album! On March 3rd, Ed Sheeran released an album titled Divide and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. I’m constantly listening to the songs on repeat and singing along.


I’ve been getting so many award/tag nominations lately which I am so thankful for but I’ve definitely fallen behind on. Don’t you worry though because as I’ve said, the month of April will be the month of awards/tags. I have many posts this month that will consist of awards and I hope none of you get too annoyed by them.

Dandelion Decals:

I know I said it last month and I know I’ve written a post on them but I honestly have been really enjoying my Dandelion Decals. Go ahead and check out the post on the decals here. Don’t forget about the BEAFREE20 promo code to get 20% off your purchase. (If you want to know more about that seriously, go here.)

That’s all, as I’ve said, I didn’t have too many favorites this month! Share with me your favorites of the month below, I look forward to reading them.


24 thoughts on “March Favorites

    1. I still buy bottled water but more for travel purposes, it’s just easier than filling up my little glass bottle. I will go on over and check out your favorites now!


    1. Ahhhhh, I didn’t see that one ! I’m actually subscribed to her but rarely watch her videos! I should definitely hop to it and watch that one though! Ed’s new album is incredible! I’m so amazed by his vocals and lyrics!

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      1. Ahhh, I’ve always been such a huge fan! I must say though, this may be one of my favorite albums of all time! He’s truly outdone himself! x


    1. Yes, now that I don’t have my Samoas anymore I’ve been attacking my thin mints! Although, to be honest, I’m secretly on the hunt for more Samoas haha! Thanks for coming by John!

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  1. Ed Sheeran’s album is absolutely INCREDDDD!!!! It’s all I’ve been listening to so I’m so glad I’m not the only one that is totally obsessed!!! hahaha and omg the awards!! Everyone has been so generously lately and I was falling behind for a bit too that I’ve had to put multiple awards in one post! haha so worried people will get bored of them :/ xxx

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    1. I agree, Ed’s album is amazing! I too have been listening to it on repeat! As for the awards, I feel the same exact way! I’ve been loving all of the nominations but I feel so bad because I’m falling behind on them (I have them all scheduled to go but I just don’t want to overwhelm people with solely those kinds of posts) but I too am worried people will just become bored of me constantly posting them! Plus…how many more facts can I possibly share about myself?! haha have a lovely day! x

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      1. ahhh I’m so glad you relate!!! hahaha omg so true so hard coming up with facts all the time! I’m like the least interesting person ever lol but hey dont worry – I’ll read them hehe xxx


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