Happy Birthday Riley

Not only does April 2nd mark the end of the jokes of April Fools day, but it also marks the beginning of a new life, Riley’s new life. For those of you who may be confused, Riley is my dog, a very special dog that I purchased four years ago. On this day, four years ago Riley was born and only two months after she was born I found her and purchased her; I can honestly say she is the best purchase I’ve ever made. Each day she brings me joy, makes me laugh and has me running around with her. I absolutely love her dearly and I’m so very glad that I went out to get her. So, Riley, who cannot read, happy fourth birthday puppy, hope you have an amazing day!


P.S. Three posts, one day? Oops, sorry about that.


53 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Riley

  1. I’m guilty of more than one post a day very frequently lol please don’t make me feel bad. And I love your posts so please keep them coming!! Riley is the cutest little thing!! I want to hug her and give her belly rubs!! I love her name too!! xx

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