April Challenge

Good morning everyone!!! If you’ve been following my blog for awhile now than you know that every now and than I decide to do a challenge where I post each and everyday…well…I’m challenging myself again! For the month of April I will be posting each day and some lucky days there will even be two posts, yes, that’s right, two posts! I must admit, a lot of this months posts will consist of me finally catching up on awards/tags, so hopefully that doesn’t annoy too many of you. In between awards/tags I will also be trying to post other posts so that it’s not too overwhelming of awards/tags. How many times can I type awards/tags in this post?! I hope you all enjoy this challenge and I hope that some of you join me in the challenge to post everyday for the month of April! Don’t forget to leave some comments, I look forward to hearing from all of you!


25 thoughts on “April Challenge

    1. It’s definitely going to be the month of catching up on awards/tags! But I will also have a couple of new series’ that I’m starting up and I’m also going to have a couple of Blogging Advice posts 🙂 Ohhhhh you just got a major sneak peek!

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  1. This sounds really interesting! looking forward to seeing them over the next few weeks!! Have you any tips on doing this? Do you have any apps or tools you use to stay so organised? Also cool to see how different bloggers do it as i always struggle with this! No joke, one a day would give me heart palpitations 🙂 Good Luck!!!!! xxx

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    1. I hope you enjoy the posts! I do have a few tips actually. Well, to be completely honest, throughout the month of March I was already typing and scheduling most of the posts and therefore I nearly have every single day filled for April and they’re set to automatically go up. So one way I stay organized is by planning ahead, very far ahead! I also have a planner and in that planner I write out all of the posts that will be going up that month so I have a nice visual to keep track of everything. Furthermore, this will definitely be the month where I catch up on awards/tags and therefore a lot of the posts this month will be award/tag related but I’ve squeezed in other posts such as March Favorites, March Photos, Blogging Advice, and a new blog series I’m starting that you’ll have to wait and see what it is ;)! So I suppose my tips on doing a monthly challenge is to plan it the month before and have a planner so you can clearly see what is going up when! 😀 Have a lovely day and I hope this has helped! Thank you for coming by 🙂 !


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