Quotes to Live By 019

Hello everyone, how’s it going? How are you? Let me know in the comment section below how your week has gone and what your plans are for the weekend.

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” – Wayne Gretzky

It’s clear as day that Wayne is referring to playing ice hockey in this quote but man oh man, what a quote; this quote can be used both on the ice and in life itself. Our thoughts for example can be much like a puck, they go forward, they go backward they go every which way however it’s important to focus on one thing and that is what is in front, what is ahead and what is to come. Don’t worry about where you have been, don’t worry about the past, focus on your future, focus on the next move so that you can make it to that goal and score.

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” – Anonymous 

Although this may seem a bit clear perhaps I should elaborate. Pain cannot be avoided, pain will happen, pain is all around us. Although we may experience pain, although we may go through hardships, we don’t have to suffer, we don’t have to keep ourselves in the suffering. It’s important to hurt, it’s important to accept the pain we are given but it’s much more important to know when it is that we need to stop suffering. Take the pain, learn from the pain and learn the fact that pain can make you grow, pain can make you strong. Don’t ever and I mean ever sit there and throw yourself a pity party for a long duration of time. Don’t ever and I mean ever sit there and allow yourself to suffer day in and day out. Experience the pain and learn from it, never let it consume you, never let it make you suffer.

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

You can live your life worshiping everything, being thankful for everything around you or you can live your life miserable and not appreciate anything.


Share your favorite quotes below and do not forget to let me know how you’re doing!


17 thoughts on “Quotes to Live By 019

  1. I am doing quiet good! 🙂 I had such a nice day yesterday. The sun was out and I spent the afternoon with my mum and sister. And I watched Germany’s next topmodel which is always quiet fun 😉 I love your quotes to live by!

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  2. “love something dangerous” is one that someone saw graffitied on a building, and I have loved it since I saw the tweet about it years ago.

    I also like “may you always have enough” which comes from the story if a mother and daughter at an airport saying their goodbyes. Something about always having enough sadness to appreciate the happy times, enough good times to sustain you, etc…

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  3. These are some great quotes! I love reading quotes, especially in stressful times like this. I’ve had a really busy week, It’s my son’s first birthday this week and I had loads of things to plan. I hope you have a lovely weekend! Monica x

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    1. Thank you so very much!! I hope you too have a lovely weekend! I could only imagine how busy you must be planning a birthday, I wish you the best of luck and I hope everything goes swell! Thanks for coming by !! X

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