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Hello everyone and happy Friday to you all! Today’s post is something very different in comparison to my usual posts because I want to talk about Dandelion Decals! You’re probably wondering Dandelion Decals? Bea, what is/are Dandelion Decals? Well let me tell you! Dandelion Decals is actually a company run by Renee. Renee designs, customizes and produces wall decals. If you’re not familiar with the term wall decals, it’s often also referred to as vinyl lettering or wall stickers. These stickers are amazing because they add a touch to your home but they aren’t permanent and therefore you can design your home without ever causing damage to your wall.

Last month, Renee reached out to me and shared with me that she has a etsy account titled Dandelion Decals. Obviously I became very curious and went on over to her site to check out what exactly she was creating. Once I got over to her site my reaction was…woah how amazing! Right away, it was clear to me that Renee ran a magnificent business, I could tell mainly because she is rated 5 stars AND because I could see sneak peeks of her work. After being amazed by all of her great reviews, I took a look around her site and saw many decals that were amazing, anything from quotes, to kitchen themed and all the way to sport silhouettes; it was clear to me that Renee not only knew what she was doing but she had passion for it too. I contacted Renee and told her I would be delighted to work with her. After a few exchanges of emails we settled upon the perfect color(s) and decals for myself. Renee then sent me the decals.

First Impressions:

I received a circular tube in the mail one day and I was very confused on what in the world I had ordered that could come in such a fun and different shape and then I rememberedRenee! I got so excited that even though I was absolutely exhausted I had to open up and see what Renee had worked up! Immediately, I was very shocked because not only were my decals sent to me but I was also given a sheet of instructions, a test decal and hard flat edge scraper that would later be used to smooth over the decal.

First things first, I knew I needed to try the test piece so I tried it on my closet door. I followed the very simple and easy to follow instructions provided by Renee. I became filled with joy and excitement once I realized how easy decals were to put on; I was also very impressed that there were no bubbles or peeling sides from the decal.


I first applied the “Breathe” decal to the back of my door. I figured starting off with the smaller of the two decals would be better as practice and I could get the hang of it before moving onto a much larger decal. Once again I followed the instructions provided by Renee and it turns out she isn’t wrong, they work perfectly! I will say two things though: 1. make sure you are using good tape as Renee says unlike me who tried to use little scotch tape that wouldn’t work as well (I was very eager and scotch tape was so much closer than painters tape) 2. work slowly and make sure you’ve rubbed down the decal very well before trying to peel it off (again, I was so eager that I wasn’t rubbing it down well enough.)


Indulge Life Is Sweet:

Onto the big ol’ boy; this was my much larger decal. For this particular decal I had to follow the “large” instructions which were slightly different than the instructions I used for the “Breathe” decal. I followed the instructions just as they said and I got the decal onto the wall! I will admit that the larger decals are slightly more difficult to put on but that could just be because I’m small and I was trying to place it a bit high on the wall.


Final Thoughts:

AMAZED! Yes, I’m truly amazed at how gorgeous both of these decals came out and I’m super happy with the overall style of them. I was also very happy to work with Renee because she was the sweetest entrepreneur I’ve ever worked with (trust me, I’m not only saying that because she’s the only entrepreneur I’ve worked with.) Renee truly is remarkable and does an excellent job at what she does.

Where To Use Dandelion Decals:

  • In ANY room in the home (bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, living room, dinning room, basement, bedroom, hallway)
  • In an office (words of motivation and uplifting quotes)
  • In a classroom (post up the class rules, words of encouragement or formulas kids may need to remember)

Perks of Dandelion Decals:

  • Easy to follow instructions for both small/medium decals as well as large decals
  • Flat edge provided for you
  • YouTube channel with walk through tutorials
  • You can customize your own decals; words, colors, designs and all
  • Amazing decals that are very well crafted
  • Discount of 20% when you use BEAFREE20 

Get Active With Dandelion Decals:

Again, as I’ve said, I’m extremely happy with this product and I’m very happy to have been given the chance to work with Renee! I hope that ALL of you go on over and check out her work and I also hope that you purchase some of her decals! Don’t forget to use the discount code BEAFREE20 when you purchase your decals to get 20% off! Also don’t forget to share Dandelion Decals with your friends and family and don’t forget to share the discount code with them!


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    1. They really are amazing! I say you go on over and check it out, maybe you’ll see something you like! If you’re interested don’t forget the BEAFREE20 coupon to get 20% off! Thanks for coming by! x

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