Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Struggling to come up with things to do on Valentine’s day? Hopefully, I can share some great ideas with you!

For the Outdoors Couple:

  • Skiing/snowboarding date and then dinner by a cozy fireplace
  • Picnic out in a park (weather permitting obviously)Β 
  • Breakfast, long hike and then dinner
  • Small vacation

For the Indoors Couple:

  • Make dinner and dessert together
  • Watch films
  • Play games
  • Go to the spa together

For the Artsy Couples:

  • Go to a painting & wine class
  • Paint your own canvas’ at home

Classic Dates:

  • Dinner & a movie
  • A trip to NYC
  • Broadway play
  • A trip to a museum

For the Singles:

  • Spend it with friends!!!
  • Go out to dinner with friends
  • Go to the movies with friends
  • Have a friends night in



25 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

      1. It all depends on the type of relationship you have! Personally, my boyfriend and I are quite goofy and silly with each other but when it comes to game time we like to be a bit competitive. Connect four is the kind of game you need to strategize in a sense and think things through a bit. You might miss something though and that’s what usually brings the laughs because you may think you’re doing good but your partner has a trick up their sleeve you may have missed. As I’ve said, it’s all about the type of relationship. Are you silly? Are you goofy? Are you serious? Are you neutral? Are you calm? It all depends. Think of what you personally are and what you typically enjoy. What are your interests? Are you into getting up and moving around? Perhaps Twister or Ellen’s Heads Up game is more for you, both very fun games. Are you in the mood to strategize ? Perhaps Palace, a card game or maybe even clue? It honestly all depends. Make it fun. Play several games and say that at the end of the night the person with the most wins will win a massage or whatever the other person wants. Make it fun. Ultimately, connecting with someone isn’t so much about what you’re doing but how and with whom you’re doing it with.

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  1. We had snow this morning, so I don’t think there will be any chance of a picnic πŸ™‚ However we’re actually doing one of your other suggestions – cooking dinner together. We get a subscription box every month that sends you spices and recipies so you can cook dishes from around the world. You need to get the basic ingredients, but the things that are harder to come buy are already measured out and in the box. We enjoy cooking and eating them together for our cosy nights in and it’s also a good way to try new dishes!

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    1. Have a pet ? Cuddle up with them! Don’t have a pet? Alone time is amazing as well! Do some yoga, meditate and practice self love! Ultimately, February 14th is just another regular day! Make yourself a yummy dinner and dessert, watch a film and relax! Wishing you the best of days !

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