Lucy’s How To’s

If you’ve been keeping up with my Monday Motivation posts you’ll notice that I often use videos brought to us by Lucy Wyndham-Read! Lucy is a personal fitness trainer that posts YouTube videos. Lucy’s YouTube videos often times consist of HITT workouts as well as targeted workouts and rep workouts. I really love Lucy’s videos because she is constantly motivating us throughout the video as well as giving us tips on how to prevent injury. If you’re wondering on how to target a specific area, look below in the list of How To videos that Lucy has posted.

Hope you give these a look and try them out.



14 thoughts on “Lucy’s How To’s

  1. I love Lucy!!! I discovered her early last year from the SacconeJolly’s and I would watch her videos like everyday! She seems like such a sweet and genuine girl who really wants to help so many people out there! Love that you made a post about her! ☺️

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      1. They honestly do have the cutest children ever! I’m super excited for the third baby and also their home and just all of their videos in general, they’re such a cute family! I also feel sooooo good after doing a few of her videos! It’s crazy because her videos are so different in comparison to the usual workout videos you normally seee!


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