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Hello there beautiful people! If you’ve been keeping up with my many many posts, then you’ll know that my birthday was January 30th! For my birthday my boyfriend got me tickets to go skiing in Mountain Creek; not only did he get me a great experience for my birthday, read more about that here, but he also got us a night at Mountain Creek. Today I want to share with you my experience with the Appalachian Hotel in Mountain Creek.

Once we got there:

After spending many hours on the slopes and after many falls, my boyfriend and I decided we’d go and check into the hotel. Although check in was technically at 4, we arrived at 4:50 (yes, you can show up late to your check ins). My boyfriend told the guy at the front desk his name and told him he booked the studio room. For those of you not familiar, a studio is a living space where everything is all together, so in this case, the kitchen, living, dinning and bedroom were all in one room with a separate closed off bathroom. The man at the front desk regrettably told us that our room wasn’t ready yet and therefore he gave us an upgrade. The upgrade consisted of the same living room, dinning room and kitchen area however the bathroom and bedroom were both separate, agreeably a lot better and cozier. We were super happy with our upgrade and glad that the man didn’t make us wait for our room to be cleaned.

Getting to the room:

We took the elevator up to our room and only then realized how massive this place really was! Eventually, after walking very far down the hall, we finally reached our room. The second we walked into our room we were amazed by what we saw. We were immediately in the kitchen which had very nice counter tops, a tiny electric stove, a dishwasher and a mini-fridge. Already super happy with what we were seeing we continued to walk through the room where we saw a dinning room table, a living room with a pull out sofa bed, a fireplace, arm chairs, and access to a balcony. We walked into the room which had a decent sized closet, a comfy bed and lots of pillows! Finally, we went to the bathroom, which was massive! This bathroom had a separate bath and tub and was definitely very spacious! Overall, we were super excited with our room on first look.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get great photos of the room because of the lighting so to see the room(s) go here.

Perks of the room:

  • Kitchen (no need to spend money on going out to eat)
  • Toaster, coffee maker, stove, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, and plates and utensils too
  • Balcony (although too cold to be outside, it’s definitely nice to have a balcony to sit on and drink a cup of coffee or tea)
  • Fire place
  • Spacious
  • Comfy pillows
  • Blood Orange scented shampoo, conditionar and lotion
  • Clean

Downfalls to the room:

  • We had an issue with our stove, our stove didn’t want to light up at all at first. We had to wiggle the stove top around in order for it to heat up and even then the heat wasn’t that strong making dinner a much longer task.
  • Fireplace malfunction! Our fireplace, which we were very excited to use, didn’t work. We called maintenance up and he told us that the pilot light was on however there may be too much soot for it to fully ignite. (Bummer) He told us to keep the fireplace on in hopes that the fire would actually ignite, it never did.

Hotel fun:

So, unlike many hotels we’ve been to, this hotel had not one but two game rooms! I was very excited to go and play in these at night (a bit childish? maybe) but I was super excited. My boyfriend and I originally wanted to play mini bowling in the first room but there was a family playing there so we didn’t get a chance but regardless…bowling in a hotel?! How cool?! We settled on playing pool in the arcade room. In the arcade room they also had the traditional arcade games like the motorcycle racing games, pinball and even this laser spy game. The arcade room also had comfy chairs, a TV where kids were watching Netflix on and an old fashion stand up popcorn machine! Overall, very very excited and very happy with the game room area!

So as if an arcade wasn’t enough, this hotel also had a heated outdoor pool and not on but two hot tubs!!! One of the hot tubs had full going jets and was at a temperature of 104 the other, bigger, hot tub had broken jets (which was a bummer) and the temperature was set at 100. My boyfriend and I went in the 100 temperature tub on our first night here and in the morning we went in the 104 tub with the jets. The jets are lots of fun…definitely a bummer that the other tub had broken jets.

As many hotels have, this hotel also had a gym which we quickly popped into just to have a look. The gym seemed to be very clean and had a variety of machines to go on. However, after a day of skiing, we definitely didn’t workout in this gym.

The hotel was also doing a community project where you could write little messages on a piece of paper then they would carve it onto a piece of wood and put it together with everyone else’s work! I decided to write “do more of what makes you happy” on one and “Bea & Andrzej” on another.

Overall, I had a very enjoyable birthday and stay here at the Appalachian hotel. Although there were definitely some hiccups with this stay, I would definitely come back and try it again…hopefully next time our stove will be full functioning and our fireplace too!

Have you ever stayed here? Have you ever been to Mountain Creek? Are you a skier or a snowboarder?!






38 thoughts on “Mountain Creek 002

    1. You’ve never been in the snow?!?! Oh my goodness you definitely need to get somewhere where there is snow! Come on, go ahead and plan a trip!! I hope you really do get to experience snow too! As for my birthday gift, hotel, and skiing it was amazing!!

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      1. Ahhh I know!! 😦 Well in my country we have this awesome moutain and my family’s been there but I was still in my mum’s belly ahah I really want to do it! I’m saving money to go there next winter when it’s all snowy again *fingers crossed*
        I’m glad you had an incredible time! 🙂

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