Monday Motivation 021

Hello there; I feel as though this months workouts have been pretty intense! Intense workouts that really make you sweat are absolutely great for your body but so are calming strengthening workouts. That’s right, this week it’s going to be all about the yoga! Get your yoga mats out and get ready to feel some zen.

Today Monday January 23, 2017

Looking ahead:

Tuesday January 24, 2017

Wednesday January 25, 2017

Thursday January 26, 2017

Friday January 27, 2017

Saturday January 28, 2017

Sunday January 29, 2017

  • Rest it up


Yes, I may have added two non-related yoga videos in this weeks workout but I’m sure you’ll be okay with that. By the way, Yoga With Adriene is featuring a 31 day yoga challenge; feel free to follow that by visiting her YouTube channel. For more information, click here.

Tips & Tricks

  • Some yoga movements may look easy, however when you try to position yourself you notice how difficult some positions actually are. It’s okay if you can’t get into every move.
  • If you’re a beginner yogi, you may find it difficult to ease your mind and simply focus on breathing and movements, with practice this will get easier.

11 thoughts on “Monday Motivation 021

    1. I love her videos so much! I didn’t really think I was into yoga when I went to an actual class but when I did the videos with Adriene I was so into it! Thank you for the compliment and have a lovely week!

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