Doggy Beach Day

I don’t know about you, but I’m missing the warmer weather and the sunny beach days. Although not warm at all and definitely not sunny, my boyfriend and I decided to take our dogs to the beach. Neither one of our dogs had been to the beach and by all the running around, it was clear that they loved it!


39 thoughts on “Doggy Beach Day

  1. Look at that little sweater!! Omg, so cute! My dog would love the beach so much but he’s so big and fluffy we’d never get all the sand off him. Thanks for sharing these pics with us!


  2. Super cute. And no, not me. I am not missing the warmer weather. I am LOVING the cold and the rain. We are having stormy weather and we don’t usually get that so it is really nice to be able to get such great air cleaning weather!

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