Monday Motivation 017

The day after Christmas means it’s the day to burn off all the calories you took in from Christmas dinner and treats! Let’s put down the baked goods for now and all the yummy chocolate to work on our bodies.

Today Monday December 26, 2016

Looking Ahead:

Tuesday December 27, 2016

Wednesday December 28, 2016

Thursday December 29, 2016

Friday December 30, 2016

Saturday December 31, 2016

Sunday January 1, 2017; HAPPY NEW YEAR

  • Happy New Year, write down some resolutions that you will actually stick to this year and relax on your day off


18 thoughts on “Monday Motivation 017

      1. I loved the videos 🙂 I am not sure I am fit enough to do all the moves but than there are always reasons for excuses and I just said I will do what I can and enjoy it! Thanks for the motivation. 🙂

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      2. Oh no problem at all!! Some of the videos even have alternative for beginners, so that’s always good! The important thing is you start and stick to a healthier lifestyle!! Enjoy and once again thanks for coming by :)!!


  1. Well, to be honest i’m going to start on wednesday because i have a big family and we’re meeting until tuesday, so no chance of resting or doing some sports haha but I try to stick to this easy plan for the next weeks! I wish you a good time with your family and friends and a happy New Year!

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  2. I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on this-I ran three miles in 37 degree weather this morning and hitting the rock climbing gym this afternoon! I will get some yoga in later this week! I need to store up some good will for New Years! I will be checking in with your schedule!

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