Turtle Back Zoo

Hello there! I know what you’re thinking…who on earth goes to the zoo in the freezing weather of December? Well I do! Reason why I went to Turtle Back Zoo is because they have holiday lights all around lighting up the zoo at night, how fun is that? I really do love Christmas lights so when I found out that Turtle Back Zoo lights up their zoo with lights in the shapes of giraffes, elephants and many other creatures I could not resist taking a look myself.

Two weekends ago my boyfriend and I decided to grab some Dunkin and head on over to West Orange to attend this light show. We got to the zoo, donated our food cans (the zoo doesn’t require an entrance fee for the holiday show but they do ask that you bring old gently used coats, unwrapped toys or food items to give to families in need) and then began our walk into the zoo.

First things first, once we walked into the zoo we went over to the man that was carving what seemed to be some sort of bob cat or tiger out of a block of ice. Can you believe it? Out of a block of ice this man was standing on stage looking at a photo of an animal and with some sort of tool and some gloves he was just carving it; very impressive if you ask me. After watching him for a few minutes we continued our walk throughout the zoo. Now, I’ve been to this zoo before, maybe 2-3 years ago, so I was shocked at how much bigger it was and how much of it was still under construction. In Spring 2017 there will be a couple of new exhibits in this zoo that I definitely need to go and check out.

Overall, I was very pleased with all the lights that were scattered around the zoo; very cute and very lovely to see! I say you go ahead and check it out if you live in the area.


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