Rainy Day

Who says rainy days are so bad? Recently we had a rainy day and I spent it with my dog, Riley, some movies, and some snacks! I went out into the yard and while Riley was doing her business I snapped a few photos. Once we came in I did a 30 minute workout, yes, it’s possible to do a workout on a gloomy day. After my workout I took a shower and had a bowl of vegetable soup, perfect for a rainy day. Once I finished up my soup I made a green tea with some honey and a splash of milk; I also grabbed some dark chocolate covered peanuts and headed off to my bed. While on my bed I tried to take a few more photos but this time with my dog, it didn’t go so well. After failing at taking photos I looked through my Food Network magazine while watching Home Alone 2! How do you spend your rainy days?


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