Kloos Family Lights

What better way to bring in the holidays than to spend it going to watch a Christmas light show and donating to those in need!? Recently I went to visit the Kloos residence to see their light display. The Kloos family puts on a display each year to raise money for charities and this year they want to raise awareness and money for Trent Powers who has been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a muscular disease.

To visit this fantastic light display that is created by Ryan & Bill Kloos go ahead and take a trip to 13 Sterling Court East Brunswick, NJ. Out of state or country? You can still make a donation here to help Trent Powers against his battles. If you cannot donate, that is completely understandable however, the least you can do is maybe share Trent’s story and GoFundMe link. To learn more about the Kloos family and see their display in action visit their facebook page.


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