Candle Haul

Firstly, I want to start off by giving natttblog a super duper huge shout out because without her quite frankly this blog post wouldn’t be possible. You’re probably wondering what on earth I am going on about well here it is: on Saturday I was doing my regular reading of my followed sites when I spotted natttblog’s post about candles. Loving candles myself, I obviously had to go and give it a read. I commented on her blog post and she quickly replied sharing her love of candles as well as sharing some special that changed my day. She told me that Bath & Body Works was having a one day in store sale on 3 wick candles! Specifically, she shared that the candles were only going to be $8.50!!! Yes, $8.50! For those of you that aren’t candle lovers, I just want to inform you that Bath & Body Works candles are normally $22.50 so the fact that the candles were on sale for $8.50 was a huge deal.

With this fantastic news in mind, I got dressed in my bummiest (that’s not a word, but let’s pretend it is) attire and headed out the door. I got to the mall at 9:55 am which is great considering it only opens at 10 am. I don’t like being in crowded stores because it makes me really anxious and I can’t focus on anything so, getting there early was a must. I pushed open the mall doors and rushed to Bath & Body Works. To my surprise….the store already had quite a few people. I grabbed an egg carton, well a candle carton I suppose? It was something I’ve never seen before but I saw people grabbing them to hold candles in so I followed the crowd. I smelled a few candles and below is what I purchase! Keep in mind that I ventured off this time, I didn’t go for my favorites such as Salted Caramel and Warm Vanilla Sugar.

‘Tis the Season

Mahogany Coconut


Champagne Toast


Twisted Peppermint


Frosted Cranberry


Hot Cocoa & Cream

What are your favorite Bath &a Body Works candles ?!


26 thoughts on “Candle Haul

  1. Oh how I wish I had seen this earlier! I adore their candles!!! I burn them all the time (even though it drives the boyfriend mad) and sometimes feel guilty and worry I’ll use them too fast for what they cost. Drat. Drat, drat, drat! Enjoy your haul!!!

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    1. Haha, thank you so very much!! I definitely only buy them when they’re on sale, I try to do some major bulk shopping so I can have them for awhile! Thanks for dropping by!


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