Lake George Day 2

We woke up to a foggy lake view on our second day in Lake George. We decided to get dressed and head on over to Cafe Vero, a cafe I searched up before even going to Lake George. Once we got to the cafe we felt very cozy and warm because that was the atmosphere of this cafe. We sat down near the fireplace and waited for our waitress to approach us. When our waitress came to us she raved about their lattes, naturally we had to try them. We each ordered a vanilla latte and the American Breakfast which came with two eggs, homefries, your choice of meat and toast. I was truly amazed by both the breakfast and the yummy tasty latte.

After breakfast we went for our hike to Sleeping Beauty Mountain. We began our hike with our backpacks full of snacks and plenty of water. I won’t lie, we started off the trail by seeing two frightening signs, one that mentioned to keep an eye our for rattle snacks and the other to keep an eye out for black bears. Although we were very unprepared for either of those animals, we decided to continue the trek anyway.

We started our hike on very slippery leaves; in fact, much of the hike was slippery and filled with wet leaves or wet rocks. We worked our way up taking a couple of breaks here and there to catch our breath and take drinks of water. While on our hike we encountered several friendly hikers, some new and some locals who have done the hike a few times. One friendly couple we met said they have done this hike before, many many times and they love the breathtaking view. We told the couple that this was our second day here and that the day before we had done Prospect Mountain; their reply was that if we liked Prospect Mountain then we were going to love the view from Sleeping Beauty. Those words were enough to give me a thrill of energy to continue to climb up that mountain. We kept going up and kept meeting more and more friendly hikers. Once we reached the top we were truly blown away. We had a panoramic view of Lake George. We could see mountains away the and mountains up close, we could see plenty of colorful trees and lakes too. We grabbed our sandwich and ate at the top of the rock enjoying our lovely view.

Before heading out of the woods, we decided we would go ahead and visit Bumps Pond and the Fishing Pond in this area as well. We figured it was only 2-2.5 extra miles in the woods and we could do it. We came across Bumps Pond without an issue however, once we got near the Fishing Pond we heard a roar and splash; afraid we turned around and darted in the other directions. I’m unsure what animal roared at us, but I’m just glad I’m able to be happy and healthy writing this post without any injuries.

That night we ate at the Garrison’s Bar & Lounge. I got the filet mignon sliders and my boyfriend got the chicken parm; the food was AMAZING. We went back to the room, had another glass of wine and played some games while watching Impractical Jokers before falling asleep.


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