Lake George Day 1

I recently had a whole week off of work for Election Week and therefore my boyfriend and I decided to plan a short little trip. We chose to go to Lake George, partially because we wanted to go on hikes and be outside with nature and partially because we found a really good deal for a room on Groupon. Groupon is absolutely wonderful if you haven’t checked it out. 

We chose to stay at the Fort William Henry Hotel in the lakeside view room. Before going on the trip we also planned an agenda of going on hikes, exploring the village and trying out a winery.

Before beginning our long 4 hour journey, we decided to stop at Dunkin Donuts and pick up a medium iced coffee for the road; I opted for coconut with cream and sugar and my boyfriend got a regular medium iced coffee with cream and sugar. After we got our fuel for the road we began our trek. While on our way to Lake George we admired all of the leaves changing colors and the mountainous view. Along the ride we also played a Categories game that we always play on long journeys. Overall, the trip getting to Lake George wasn’t too bad.

Once we got to Lake George we immediately hopped out of the car and went for a hike on Prospect Mountain. The directions for starting the hike stated that we were to park on Smith Street and then take the overpass over the highway. We walked over the highway and I must admit, I was a bit nervous. Once we got to the other side of the highway we started our actual hike.

I hadn’t been on a hike in a really long time and boy was I not ready for this one. This hike was labeled as moderate and it was pretty difficult to do for two people who had just been in a car for 4 hours. Some of the rocks were small and when you stepped on them you would slip or stumble on your feet. Nonetheless, with quivering legs and out of breath we reached the top for a marvelous view of our surroundings. The pain and breathlessness was definitely worth the view.

After our hike we went to check into our hotel where we showered and got dressed. After getting dressed we went to the Adirondack Winery for our wine tasting. We got there and the lovely man gave us a paper where we could choose which wines we wanted to try, something I had never seen before. The other wine tasting I went to the man simply gave us 5 wines to try, I wasn’t able to choose. I chose the 7 wines I wanted, 2 of which I knew I maybe wouldn’t like but I felt like being adventurous. Safe to say, I didn’t like the two dry wines, as expected, but I loved the semi-sweet wines. I took a couple of bottles home, some flavors included: Orchard Blossom (infused with apples), Mellow Blush (infused with watermelon), and Red Carriage (infused with cranberries).

We brought the wine case back to the hotel and then we went to the Barnsider, a very country looking restaurant that served great BBQ. After eating we went back to the room, had a glass of wine, played some Monopoly Deal and went straight to sleep.

Overall, we had a very successful first day in Lake George.


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